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Read the Labels

When I purchase a ready-made product, I look for the following:
Low Sodium
8Low Sugar
8Low Fat
8Balanced Carbs / Proteins.

About my recipes...

When I put together a recipe, my goal is to balance protein, carbs and fat. I have a 33/33/33 lifestyle: 1/3 protein, 1/3 carb, 1/3 fat. I understand this is very different from the usual, especially for recipes, but it's how I lost weight and maintain my current weight. For me, it works, so that's what you'll see reflected in my recipes here.



When I need to use a sweetener, I use Sucanat (sugar cane natural). I also use Agave Nectar and local honey. 



I hardly use butter at all. In fact, I can't think of anything I use it for other than holiday baking (and even that is limited). For a long time, I kept I Can't Believe It's Not Butter in the fridge for the family, but based on research I've done, real butter is a source of MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) that are actually beneficial, so now I stock only real butter. Whole Foods carries a Fresh, local butter, as do the local farmer's markets.


Sour Cream...

I either use Light Sour Cream (if I'm splurging) or I use fat-free plain yogurt or fat-free cottage cheese. I get the boost of extra protein, that way, too!



I use reduced-fat feta for most of my cheese needs. For the family, I get 2% cheddar, 2% mozzarella, etc. And we go through a lot of string cheese! :-)  Occasionally, I use Parmigiano-Reggiano - but like any cheese, you don't need a lot.


chelle @ RecipeForFitness.com



Recipe resources

Cookbooks by Devin Alexander!

Devin Alexander Cookbook - The Most Decadent Diet Ever

Devin Alexander, I Can't Believe It's Not Fattening - fabulous cookbook!


The Eat Clean Diet, Cookbooks and Workout...



Clean Eating Magazine...
A truly terrific resource! Get great new recipes that actually taste good and are still healthy!

View Figure Competition Friendly Recipes HERE

A Word About Sodium...The USDA/FDA recommend that we limit sodium consumption to less than 2,300mg per day (see guideline). They further suggest that middle aged or older adults limit that to less than 1,500mg. Take a look at some well known restaurant menus and you'll discover shocking amounts of sodium. Subway, for instance, has 1,200mg of sodium in a 6" Turkey on Wheat. That is one meal! It's my WHOLE daily allowance of sodium, in ONE sandwich! That's healthy?? Sure it may be low fat, but can anyone say water retention? How about Hypertension/High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Heart Attack?? That's crazy stuff! And as you look around, you'll see it in other places too, like protein bars! !!?? 

Generally, my recipes are low-sodium... I've discovered that with my clean diet, I am incredibly sensitive to sodium. If I have a treat/cheat meal, within 20 minutes my feet, ankles and fingers are so swollen they hurt! That's how fast I react. Everyone is different, though. Sodium barely fazes Bill, my husband. But hey, better safe than sorry! I reduce sodium, and look for foods high in potassium (reduces sodium levels in the blood - USDA/FDA recommend 4,700mg per day of potassium!). It's important to note that sodium is necessary to the human body. We need a certain amount... we just don't need Subway levels! At home, it's so easy to switch Mrs. Dash instead of Table Salt... Sea salt has lower sodium levels than regular salt, too, and can give some unique flavors, depending on where it's from.  Reducing sodium doesn't mean giving up flavor!

Contact me anytime! chelle @ RecipeForFitness.com

Some Favorite Recipes...
Breakfast Main Dish Crock Pot Salads/Soups/ Sides/Smoothies Desserts/Treats
New 7/19/11 Chelle's Protein Breakfast Cookie - Banana-Doodles! Chelle's Chicken Mini Loaves Crockpot Shredded Chicken or Pork Tenderloin (in stuffed chili recipe info)  Quinoa Pizza Crust / flatbread Jello - No Sweeteners! 
Protein Zucchini Muffins,
Protein Blueberry Muffins
Stuffed Chilies with Shredded Chicken or Pork Tenderloin


Crock Pot Beef Stew/Soup Quinoa Pudding/Porridge Protein Powder / Ziploc Ice Cream 
Oatmeal Protein Pancakes Baked Swai
(white fish)
Crock Pot Chicken Soup Yogurt Smoothie Chocolate Mousse Cloud Pie
Fruit "Syrup" Pecan crusted main dish (from Clean Eating Magazine) Crock Pot BBQ Chicken Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes Jillian Michael's Fudge Brownies
Oatmeal / Breakfast Chelle's Meatloaf & Smashed Potatoes Crock Pot Chili Verde (pork roast) Mac & Cheese Light Tracey's Amazing Raisin Almond Granola
Chelle's Breakfast Burritos Awesome Lemon & Dijon panko crusted Chicken Buffalo Chili (my recipe)


Chelle's Cheesy Brown Rice Protein Microwave Cupcake with Fudge sauce (clean!!)
Breakfast Sandwich (Egg & Turkey; also Egg only)  Chelle's Mexican Pizza Buffalo Chili (with starter)  Chelle's Easy Mexican Brown Rice
Caramel Apple Pie (TREAT food)
Steamer Bag Omelet Chelle's "Breaded" Chicken Chicken Tostadas - Crock Pot 
Sausage-Leek Cornbread Stuffing

Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting
 Fast Breakfast Leftover Turkey Burroladas(burrito/enchilada) Crock Pot BBQ Beef
Spiderweb Nacho Spread Dip

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies
Breakfast Wrap Cider Brined Turkey Crock Pot Shredded Beef Maple Seeded Bread - INCREDIBLE! Fat-Burning Protein cookie - Oxygen Mag, 9/10
Blueberry Protein Waffles Creamy Tarragon Chicken Crock Pot Beets


Steamer Bag Veggies - EASY Clean Microwave Popcorn 
Egg Muffins 


Easy Grilled Salmon Apricot Jam - Crockpot Basic Quinoa Won Ton "chips"
Blueberry Muffins- gluten free  elanaspantry.com  Crustless Spinach Quiche Maple Syrup Crockpot Beans Eat Clean Cookbook by Tosca Reno   Quinoa Salad Pineapple Upside Down Cake - IBS Friendly!!
  Garlic & Herb Marinated Surf & Turf Skewers See Food Plan page for more crockpot items from my Sunday Food Prep routine.  Tomato & Cucumber Salad Chocolaty Goodness Cookies - CE Mag
  Chicken Enchilasagna (Devin Alexander)   Easy Tomato Soup Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies - CE Mag.
  Bacon Wrapped Tilapia (Devin Alexander)   Buffalo Salad    Awesome Brownies
- gluten free
  Bacon Cheeseburger (Devin Alexander)   Sweet Potato Oven Fries Coconut Oil Fudge 
  Ahi Steak Sandwich
(Devin Alexander)
  Lemon-Rosemary mini muffins
- gluten free
Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Fudge 
  Clean Taco Salad   Family Recipe - Potato Salad (clean)   Coconut Orange White Fudge 
  Healthy Pizza   Family Recipe - Cucumber Dip (clean) Chocolate Protein Bites
  Easy Pizzas     Chocolate Balsamic Truffles
  Spaghetti Squash & Chicken     Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Balls
  Spaghetti (and Spaghetti Squash)       Mini Carrot Cake Muffins -gluten free elanaspantry.com
  Spicy Chicken Stir-fry     Coconut Oatmeal Cookies
  Easy Stir Fry
    Banana Ice Cream - CLEAN!!
  Grilled Steak Tacos     Cupcakes
  Packed Grilled Chicken Salad     Kiwi Mojito
  Buffalo Tacos / Tostadas      
  Standard Lunch      
  Stuffed Peppers      
  Chicken Wrap      
  Buffalo Wrap      
  Maple Soy Glazed Beef      
  Mushroom Pasta Sauce      


Protein Banana-Doodles (breakfast cookie) figure competition recipes - Protein Breakfast Cookie - Banana-doodles

Are You a Victim of Sucky Diet Syndrome? Eat a COOKIE!
Diet got ya down? Low carbs, no sugar, no fun? Then it's time you had a cookie. Heck, have one for breakfast. Or two. Yeah, I'm serious! Life's too short for sucky diets! Now before you dive into a bag of Oreos™, let me explain...

One of the things I love most is creating in the kitchen... sometimes my experiments work and sometimes they flop, but this one (you'll be glad to know) is a keeper - Frosted or Unfrosted! These giant treats look like snicker-doodles when they come out of the oven, and taste like banana bread. High in protein and fiber, with a great balance of carbs & fat, they make a terrific breakfast on the run. If you'd like a quick & easy go-to breakfast cookie that won't bust your diet, give these a whirl... and let me know what you think!

Chelle's Banana-DoodlesChelle's Protein Banana-Doodle - Breakfast Cookie Recipe

Dry Ingredients:
3 scoops vanilla protein powder (*my protein powder's scoop = 1/3 cup)
½ cup sifted coconut flour
1 Tablespoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon ground cardamom
1 Tablespoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon sea-salt
2 packets Stevia (I used Sweet-Leaf)

Wet ingredients:
4 egg whites (or 1 cup liquid egg whites)
1 cup mashed banana
¼ to ½ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1. Preheat oven to 350. Line baking sheet with foil & spray with oil (I used coconut oil)

2. Whisk dry ingredients in a large bowl until well blended.

3. In a medium bowl, beat egg whites until fluffy. Slowly add mashed banana.

4. Stir the egg white/banana mixture into dry ingredients, then add almond milk until moistened all the way through.

5. Separate into 6 balls, and place on foil lined & sprayed baking sheet. Flatten slightly so they look like large cookies.

6. Bake 22-25 minutes or until tops are golden and knife inserted in center comes out clean.

7. Transfer to wire rack to cool.

figure competition recipes - Protein Breakfast Cookie - Banana-doodles
3 scoops vanilla protein powder (*my protein powder's scoop = 1/3 cup)
2 packets Stevia
½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 Tablespoon butter (unsalted), softened
¼ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1. Stir together until mixture resembles frosting. Spread over the six Banana-doodles.

2. Store in airtight container in refrigerator for up to 4 days.

OPTIONS: Add walnuts or ground flax seed. To reduce calories, carbs & sugars, omit banana and replace with 4 Tablespoons (1/4 cup) unsweetened applesauce, and increase cinnamon to 2 Tablespoons.

Nutrition information is calculated using NutritionData.com.
Recipe makes 6 Frosted Banana-doodles.
Each: 249 calories; 26 g protein; 20 g carbohydrates; 7 g fat; 6 g fiber; 7 g sugars

figure competition recipes - Protein Breakfast Cookie - Banana-doodles


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Chelle's Mini Chicken Loaves figure competition recipes - Chicken Mini-Loaves

I love easily portable food :-) I've seen recipes for mini meat-muffins/loaves all over the internet for years, but have never really found one I like. Then came competition diet, and I really needed something that was easy to make, eat, and didn't knock me off track with carbs. Most recipes include bread crumbs or quinoa, rice or other starchy carb. I needed a solution without those extra carbs... I utilized my free foods to fill out the recipe and add flavor (mushrooms, onion, garlic), then added shredded zucchini and diced pepper for a veggie boost, plus the egg both to hold it all together as well as provide a healthy source of fat. The result was an incredibly tasty mini loaf! The hubby even loves these! Just add a side (quinoa, rice, etc) and a veggie and you've got a full meal for the family (or yourself!).

Chelle's Recipe

2 lbs ground chicken breast
1 cup finely minced crimini (brown) mushrooms
1 cup shredded zucchini (usually this is about 1 medium sized zucchini)
1/2 cup diced onion
1/2 cup diced pepper (green, yellow, orange, red, whatever!)
2 Tbsp fresh minced garlic
1 whole egg
1/3 cup salsa (try this with different kinds each time!)
2 Tbsp Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning

Spray Muffin Tin or Mini Loaf pan with oil. Preheat Oven to 400 degrees

Mix all ingredients, then divide among 8  muffins or loaves.

Bake 20-30 minutes, draining pan at about 20 minutes. When done, serve immediately, or cool on wire wrack and individually wrap for snacks/meals.


Nutrition data is per mini-loaf:

Nutrition Informatin for Chelle Stafford's Mini Chicken Loaves


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Baked Swai Clean Eating recipes - Baked Swai

This is an awesome alternative to Tilapia, or any other fish. It's a bit denser than tilapia, but still sweet and without a fishy flavor. It absorbs spice flavor, so whatever you use with it, is what you'll get! Plus, it's lower calorie than tilapia, so you can have more food for less calories! NICE! 


Filets of Swai
Olive Oil
Fresh minced garlic
Dried dill
Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Defrost Swai.
Line a baking sheet with foil, and spray with olive oil.
Lay out Swai on sheet, spray lightly with olive oil (I use a misto), then sprinkle with dill, Mrs Dash, and evenly divide the fresh garlic.

Bake at 350 for about 15-20 minutes, checking often in the last 5-10 minutes. Fish will be white, moist and flakey.

Serve immediately, or refrigerate in portion sizes in ziploc baggies. I like to do a day or two's worth at a time.

Nutrition Informatin for Swai - unseasoned


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Shredded Meat / Stuffed Chilies figure competition recipes - Stuffed Chili Peppers

I love a good roasted stuffed chili, but being on competition diet, I can't do the usual cheese, breading, etc. This version is super-simple, but incredibly tasty! The only change I'd make, post competition diet, is to add some feta!


Roasted Chilies (Anaheim, Pasilla, whatever appeals to you!)
Shredded meat of choice
Cheese (optional)

To roast chili peppers...
I had the hubby grill mine... just washed 'em and tossed 'em on the grill, turning often until the skin was bubbly. I allowed them to cool, then cut off the tops, scooped out the seeds and peeled off the charred skin and stored the peppers until I needed them.
figure competition recipes - Stuffed Poblano Chili

To cook the meat...
Place your meat in a crockpot with 1-2 cups low-sodium chicken broth and a few sprinkles of Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb. Cook on high until meat shreds easily. Remove meat to a plate and using two forks, shred it up. You can store it in an airtight container, with the juices from the crockpot, for up to a week for use as needed.

For each chili...
4 oz shredded meat
2 heaping Tbsp salsa (there are a ton of varieties, so try a different one every time!)
Cheese (optional - feta, sharp cheddar, etc)

Mix the meat & salsa (and cheese if using) together, then gently stuff inside the chili pepper. You can either heat in the oven (350 for about 10-15 minutes) or in the microwave.  



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Quinoa Pizza Crust / Flatbread figure competition recipes - Quinoa Pizza Crust / Flatbread

This recipe is fun! It's easy to do, though be sure to oil those pans, lol.  The result can be a great pizza crust, or simply a tasty flatbread! The original recipe can be found here: http://forlifepersonalchef.com/2011/01/25/pizza/


2 8" Pie Pans

1.5 cups quinoa

Water to cover

Soak overnight.

1/2 cup water
 coconut flour
1 tsp sea-salt
1/4 cup olive oil (or grapeseed, or coconut)**
Optional: seasonings... I used 2 Tbsp fresh minced garlic & 1 tsp Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb.

Drain quinoa. Preheat oven to 450. Oil pans (I sprayed mine to reduce the oil).
Place the drained quinoa, water and salt in a blender and blend until creamy. It'll look like pancake batter. 
Add seasonings if desired.

Place pans in oven until shimmery hot, but not smoking. Remove from oven.
Divide batter between the two pans and tap a bit to settle the level to even.
Bake 20 minutes, then flip the crust over and bake another 10. They'll be brown & crispy.

Recipe makes 2 crusts. With each crust cut into 4 pieces, the nutritional info is for one "slice" (1/8th of the recipe).


**I used nowhere near this amount. I used my Misto, and gave each pan a good spray and that was plenty.



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Chelle's Protein Zucchini Muffins figure competition recipes - Protein Zucchini Muffin

This recipe is a result of my desire for an on-the-go meal replacement. At lunch, I need a lean protein, a starchy carb, and a veggie with a bit of fat. These hit it all, plus - hello, frosting! I had a lot of fun developing these, and while there's no added sugar/sweetener, I think they turned out pretty good :-) As a breakfast, 3 muffins would be about the same as my oatmeal with protein powder/ground flax.

Chelle's Protein Zucchini Muffins
**Blueberry version - see below

1/4 cup dry oatmeal/rolled outs - ground to flour (in a coffee grinder, or just use 1/4 cup oat flour)
1/4 cup coconut flour
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
2 Tbsp ground flax seed
1/4 tsp sea-salt
figure competition recipes - Protein Zucchini Muffin
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg white
1 Tbsp unsweetened apple sauce
1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
8 drops Capella Apple Pie Flavor (optional)
1 tsp vanilla (pure extract)
1 cup shredded zucchini

Mix together the dry ingredients. In a separate bowl, mix the wet ingredients, then blend together with the dry. When nearly blended, add the cup of shredded zucchini and mix together.

Spray a muffin tin with clean oil (I use coconut). Divide the batter into 6 muffin cups. Bake at 350 for about 20-24 minutes. (I start at 15 and check them every 3 minutes until they're just starting to go gold/brown on top - don't over-bake these! You'll end up with a dry nasty rock.) Remove from oven when a knife inserted comes out clean (even if they don't look done). Set on cooling rack.

Mix frosting:

In a small bowl, mix 2 Tbsp vanilla unsweetened almond milk with 1/2 tsp vanilla. If you like, add 4 drops of your favorite Capella flavor drop (I like either Caramel or Apple Pie with these muffins). Slowly add liquid to 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, stirring constantly. When all liquid is incorporated, you can add a few drops of coconut oil to "smooth" out the icing. Divide icing among the six cooled muffins.

Store in airtight container in fridge.

Nutrition info is per muffin. Recipe makes six full-size muffins, frosted.

figure competition recipes - Protein Zucchini Muffin Nutritional Information


Blueberry Protein Muffins

1/4 cup dry oatmeal/rolled outs - ground to flour (in a coffee grinder, or just use 1/4 cup oat flour)
1/4 cup coconut flour
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
2 Tbsp ground flax seed
1/4 tsp sea-salt

1 tsp baking powder
1 egg white
1 Tbsp unsweetened apple sauce
1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
8 drops Capella Caramel Flavor (optional)
1 tsp vanilla (pure extract)
1 cup blueberries (I used fresh)

Mix together the dry ingredients. In a separate bowl, mix the wet ingredients, then blend together with the dry. When nearly blended, add the cup of shredded zucchini and mix together.

Spray a muffin tin with clean oil (I use coconut). Divide the batter into 6 muffin cups. Bake at 350 for about 20-24 minutes. (I start at 15 and check them every 3 minutes until they're just starting to go gold/brown on top - don't over-bake these! You'll end up with a dry nasty rock.) Remove from oven when a knife inserted comes out clean (even if they don't look done). Set on cooling rack.

Mix frosting:

In a small bowl, mix 2 Tbsp vanilla unsweetened almond milk with 1/2 tsp vanilla. If you like, add 4 drops of your favorite Capella flavor drop (I like Caramel with these muffins). Slowly add liquid to 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, stirring constantly. When all liquid is incorporated, you can add a few drops of coconut oil to "smooth" out the icing. Divide icing among the six cooled muffins.

Store in airtight container in fridge.

Nutrition info is per muffin. Recipe makes six full-size muffins, frosted.

figure competition recipes - Protein Blueberry Muffin Nutritional Information

If you choose to not frost the muffins, here's the nutritional info...

Nutrition information for Chelle's Protein Blueberry Muffin Recipe

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Oatmeal Protein Pancakes figure competition recipes - oatmeal protein pancakes

I've known that you can take the oatmeal protein powder mix (from my regular breakfast) and mix it thinner (more water) for a pancake batter, but I'd never tried it until recently :-) I used vanilla unsweetened almond milk in place of the water and they turned out fantastic. I topped them with my fruit "syrup".

Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

1/2 cup dry oatmeal
2 Tbsp ground flax seed
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
Figure Competition Diet Recipes - Oatmeal Protein Pancakes
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Beverly UMP)
1 to 1.5 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk

Heat skillet on stove.
Mix ingredients until it reaches a batter consistency (add more almond milk or water if it thickens up too much).

Scoop onto hot skillet (spray with coconut oil first). I use 1/4 cup measuring cup, and get 4 pancakes out of the mix.

Top with (depending on your dietary needs): Natural nut butter, real butter, real maple syrup, fruit "syrup" (see below).



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Fruit Syrup figure competition recipes - oatmeal protein pancakes

I really wanted something "sweet" on my oatmeal protein pancakes, but couldn't do any type of sugar (honey, maple, etc). But... I realized that since I was eating these post workout (heavy workout), I could do fruit (after a heavy workout, your body needs a hit of simple sugars to help restore glycogen reserves).  So I tossed some fruit in a sauce pan and away I went!

Chelle's Fruit "Syrup"

Fresh fruit of choice (I've done this with 1 cup of blackberries, and another day with a 4.4 oz container of blueberries)Blueberry Syrup - Clean Recipe, no added sugar
2 Tbsp water

1/2 to 1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients in a small sauce pan over med-high heat until bubbly. Reduce to low & simmer, stirring often to break down the fruit. Cook until it's reduced to a syrup consistency.


Nutrition Info:  This is for the Blueberry version... I'm not sure if the nutrition data changes once you cook down the fruit, but here's the data (see right).


Blueberry - 1 cup blueberries plus 1 tsp vanilla and 2 Tbsp water. Bring to boil, then reduce and simmer, stirring often.

Blackberry - 1 cup blackberries plus 1 tsp vanilla and 2 Tbsp water. Bring to boil, then reduce and simmer, stirring often.

Strawberry-Banana - 3 medium strawberries, diced, plus 1 small banana, sliced. Add 1 tsp vanilla & 2 Tbsp water. Bring to boil, then reduce and simmer, stirring often.


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Chelle's Quinoa Pudding / Porridge figure competition recipes - Quinoa Pudding / Porridge

I've been wanting something sweet and creamy, but on a Figure Competition diet, that's a little difficult to come by. Well I pulled it off with this one! A little playing around in the kitchen and I had a quinoa pudding/porridge that even the family loved! Nice! :-)

Chelle's Quinoa Pudding / Porridge

2.5 cups cooked quinoa
2 cups vanilla unsweetened almond milk
1-2 Tbsp ground cinnamon (I used 2 Tbsp)
1/4 tsp sea-salt
2 scoops vanilla protein powder (I use Beverly UMP)

After cooking the quinoa, instead of setting it aside to cool, I added the almond milk, sea salt, cinnamon and stirred. Once incorporated, I sprinkled in the protein powder, a little at a time, adding more almond milk as needed. Once the consistency and flavor I wanted was achieved, I let it cool slightly then separated it into 5 small containers. This is my lunch dessert :-)


Quinoa Pudding / Porridge - Chelle's Recipe. Competition Diet Friendly

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Chelle's Jello's without sweetener figure competition recipes - jello

I love jello. Seriously love.  While I know that the wiggly-jiggly-yumminess is not for everyone, I absolutely love it. And I figured out how to make it without sweetener! I can't use fruit juice & I'm doing my darndest to avoid artificial sweeteners... So what does that leave me?  Well, my crazy-craving for jello lead me to a couple different varieties.. the first is made with Glutamine. That's right. Glutamine Select (with BCAA's) from Beverly International, to be exact. This delightful (and naturally flavored) powder mixes with water - you sip it before, during, after  workout/cardio, or during the day to help with cravings. It's black cherry flavored. And it makes yummy jello :-)  The second variety is made with tea!

Chelle's Glutamine Gelatin

1 packet unflavored gelatin
3 scoops Beverly Glutamine Select
2 Cups Water

Mix the glutamine in the water, until dissolved. Add 1/2 cup of the mixture to a bowl. Bring the other 1.5 cups to a boil (watch it, if it boils over you'll have a mess on your hands).

Sprinkle the gelatin over the half cup liquid and allow to sit for one minute. Pour the boiling 1.5 cups liquid in and stir for 5 minutes. Cover and refrigerate until set.

Each half cup serving has 30 calories, 7 g protein. That's it. Awesome!!

Click on the image to the right to learn about the Glutamine supplement I take.


Chelle's Tea Gelatin
Searching for more flavors, I picked up several varieties of flavored tea... So far each has been fabulous! Remember, this is an unsweetened gelatin... don't be expecting your childhood jello to make an appearance here. What this is, is light and refreshing, and it tastes just like tea. 

4 tea bags - any flavor
1 packet unflavored gelatin
2 Cups Water

Boil 2 cups water. Add tea bags and allow to steep to desired strength.
Remove 1/2 cup of tea and chill. Set remaining 1.5 cup tea aside.
Once cold, pour the half cup into a bowl and put the 1.5 cup tea into a pan and bring to a boil.

Sprinkle the gelatin over the cold half cup liquid and allow to sit for one minute. Add the boiling 1.5 cups liquid in and stir for 5 minutes. Cover and refrigerate until set.

Each half cup serving has 30 calories, 7 g protein. That's it. Awesome!!
Appearance: Tea gets "cloudy", and so does gelatin made with tea. No worries if your jello looks cloudy.


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Protein Powder / Ziploc Ice Cream Chelle's protein ice cream recipe

Back in junior-high, we made ziploc ice-cream... where you put ice and salt in a big bag, and your ice cream ingredients in a smaller bag, then the small bag goes in the big bag (sealed of course), and you shake... voila! ice cream! Jamie Eason gave me the idea to use protein powder and almond milk to make this not only healthier, but competition-diet-friendly! I played around with it until I came up with the exact texture I like :-)

**I recently picked up a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, and it works fabulously with all the recipes below! I just pour in the ingredients, turn it on and 20 minutes later I have ice-cream!


Put ice in a large ziploc (about half full), add 1/2 cup table salt (don't waste your sea-salt for this, use the crappy iodized stuff). The salt makes the ice colder (just like in an ice cream maker).

1 cup unsweetened almond milk (I used vanilla unsweetened)
1.5 scoop protein powder (I've used both vanilla & chocolate, either works great)
OPTIONAL: 1-2 Tbsp of coconut butter (BUTTER, not oil - coconut butter is the ground flesh of the coconut - it is NOT solid oil)Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Pour the mixture into a smaller ziploc, seal, then place the bag inside the larger bag. Seal. Wearing oven mitts (Thanks for that tip too, Jamie Eason!), shake the bag vigorously until the inner bag is frozen... you can do "soft-serve" or "hard"... whatever you like. It takes about 5 minutes for the ice cream to go "hard".

Variations... Use any nut/seed butter in place of the coconut butter. Add cinnamon! Add a sweetener (honey, agave, maple) if your diet allows for it. Omit the nut/seed butter... put in whatever you want! You can even add fruit to your blender, if your diet allows! You can also adjust the amount of protein powder and almond milk to best suit your dietary needs.

DREAMSICLE (orange/vanilla): 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 tsp vanilla extract (pure), 1/4 tsp orange extract, 1 cup almond milk (vanilla, unsweetened).
Blend well, then prepare in either ice cream maker or ziploc method.

Calories: 182; protein: 21 g; carbs: 7g; fat: 7g; sodium: 350 mg; sugars 2g; fiber 2g.

1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk
1 Tbsp natural peanut butter. 
Blend well, then prepare in either ice cream maker or ziploc method.

1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk
1/4 tsp mint extract
Blend well, then prepare in either ice cream maker or ziploc method.

1 scoop chocolate or vanilla protein powder
1 cup unsweetened almond milk - vanilla or chocolate
1 tsp decaf instant coffee crystals.
Blend well, then prepare in either ice cream maker or ziploc method.

1 cup frozen strawberries (can use fresh)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
1/2 tsp vanilla (optional)
Blend well, then prepare in either ice cream maker or ziploc method.

1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 cup chocolate unsweetened almond milk
8-10 drops Capella's Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavor drops (or other flavor drops)
**Optional 8-12 drops Stevia
Blend well, then prepare in either ice cream maker or ziploc method.

NOTE... BLEND your ingredients before putting in the ziploc.
NOTE 2... If you're using the Ziploc method... the outside of your ice cream bag will be very salty... wipe it down and then dump your ice cream into a bowl.  Oh.. and, um... don't try to reuse the bags. Lol. It doesn't work. You'll just end up covered in very, very cold salty water.


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Basic Quinoa

Quinoa is a fabulous, high protein "grain". It's actually a seed. Always rinse your quinoa. Even if the box says pre-rinsed. There is a bitter coating on the seeds, and you don't want a taste of that, lol! Preparing quinoa is easy - no worries! For every cup of quinoa, use 2 cups liquid. You'll know it's done when the liquid is mostly absorbed and the germ pops out - in other words, it'll look like the grains sprouted little tails :-)  You can change up the flavor & look easily... use different flavored broths instead of water, use seasonings (love me my Mrs Dash!), add a can of diced or crushed tomatoes, green chilies, black beans... whatever! There are multiple colored varieties, too... I love to mix 1/3 cup of white, 1/3 cup of red, 1/3 cup of black all together. It's pretty!

Cooking quinoa:

  1. For every one cup of quinoa, bring two cups of water to a boil (just like rice). If you prefer a more al dente texture, then use just 1.5 cups of water.
  2. Cover when boiling and reduce to a simmer. Cook for 12-15 minutes, or until the germ separates from the seed. The cooked germ looks like a tiny curl. See right-side photograph above comparing cooked quinoa to uncooked quinoa (left side).
  3. Let stand for about 3 minutes to become fully fluffy.



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Yogurt Smoothie

Smoothies are a fantastic choice to get a quick, nutritious meal or snack - BUT... check the labels (or nutritional info) on popular smoothies and you might be surprised... TONS of added sugar, even HFCS & other junk! All you need to make a winning smoothie is a good plain Greek Yogurt and fruit. That's all!  Choose your Greek yogurt wisely - they're not all the same. I use Chobani (either 0%, 2% or 4% depending on what I need). It isn't as bitter as other yogurts, and it's lower in sugar & higher in protein.

Recipe Makes 1 serving

• 1 cup plain Chobani greek yogurt
• 1-2 cups fruit (fresh or frozen)

Blend until smooth.

There are no added sugars, so the only sugar you'll get in this is naturally occurring sugar from the yogurt and fruit. If you're watching your sugars, only use one cup of fruit. If it's not a problem, or you're enjoying a treat, go for the 2 cups. You can use either fresh or frozen fruit, or a combination of both.

For summer, you can also mix this up then pour into popsicle molds and freeze. Little bit of awesomeness, right there :-)

Here are some sample combinations of fruit that my kids LOVE:

Banana, Strawberries, Peaches
Banana, Strawberries
Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries
Pineapple, Banana


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Chocolate Mousse Cloud Pie gluten-free chocolate fudge mousse pie recipe

If you love dark chocolate - you absolutely MUST try this! It's super easy to put together, and it is incredible!! This is soooo unbelievably good! When I made it, I nearly stopped before folding in the egg whites because the fudgey mixture was beyond words... I'm glad though, that I finished, because the mousse pie is a gift from the gods! It's that good! Though, next time, I might make a batch of just the fudgey part along with the pie :-) 

The recipe calls for a crust - I made it without. The nutrition information below reflects the recipe without the crust.

Source: ElanasPantry.com

Recipe Makes 16 servings (see nutrition data below)


1 2/3 cups dark chocolate chips 73% cacao (I used 1.5 cups of 78% dark)
6 eggs, separated
1 tablespoon agave nectar
¼ teaspoon celtic sea salt

• In a small pot, melt chocolate over very low heat; remove from heat
• In a medium bowl, beat egg yolks with agave for 1 minute with a hand blender
• In a large bowl, beat egg whites with a handheld blender until stiff peaks form
• Stir egg yolk mixture into pot of warm chocolate
• Mix chocolate and yolks until combined; mixture will be slightly thickened, shiny and beautiful
• Stir salt into chocolate mixture
• Fold egg whites into chocolate mixture
• Transfer mousse into cooled Pie Crust (page 79 The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook)
• Refrigerate for 3 hours
• Serve

Click here to view all the nutritional information.


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Jillian Michael's Fudge Brownies

I haven't tried these yet, but intend to very soon :-) 

Source: JillianMichaels.com

Recipe Makes 16 2-inch servings (see nutrition data below)

• olive oil cooking spray
• 2/3 cup mild honey, such as clover or orange blossom
• 1/3 cups natural, unsweetened cocoa powder
• 1/2 cup white whole-wheat flour
• 1/4 teaspoon aluminum-free baking powder
• 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
• 1/4 teaspoon salt
• 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
• 2 tablespoons olive oil
• 1 large egg, at room temperature
• 3/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

• Preheat the oven to 350°F. Spray an 8-inch square pan with olive oil. Set aside.
• Place the honey in a large glass measuring cup. Microwave on high power until the honey is runny and just bubbling, 45 to 60 seconds. Add the cocoa and stir with a fork until well combined. Let cool to room temperature.
• Meanwhile, in a small bowl, place the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Whisk until well combined.
• In a large bowl, combine the applesauce, oil, egg, and vanilla. Whisk together until well blended. Add the honey-cocoa mixture and whisk until smooth. Add the flour mixture to the liquid mixture and stir until no traces of flour remain. Scrape the batter into the prepared pan.
• Bake until the surface looks dry around the edges of the pan and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out with moist crumbs clinging to it, about 25 minutes. Do not overbake. Place the pan on a cooling rack and let cool completely before slicing into 16 squares. (Store the brownies in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days.)

Nutrition data for Jillian Michael's Fudge Brownies

Nutrition information from NutritionData.com.  To view complete data, go to: http://nutritiondata.self.com/services/referral?messageKey=fc1dcb863640bdffa665ea93b350e340&report=$report


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Baked Pecan-Crusted Main Dish Clean Eating Magazine - fabulous recipe resource!

This is soooo good!!! The recipe calls for Flounder, but we've done it with Halibut, Cod, Tilapia, Chicken and Pork... it's been a hit all the way around! The only change, is if you make this for chicken or pork (or anything with a longer cooking time) wait to add the pecans until the last 10-15 minutes. 

I love to serve this with Chipotle Smashed Sweet Potatoes!

Source: Clean Eating Magazine April/May 2011, pg 44/45.

Recipe Makes 4 servings

Olive Oil Cooking Spray
4 4-oz boneless, skinless Pacific Flounder fillets, rinsed and patted dry.
1.5 tsp raw honey
1.5 tsp prepared mustard
1 packet stevia (I do NOT use stevia, I used Sucanat for this)
1/4 tsp sea-salt
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 cup unsalted pecan pieces, toasted adn finely chopped

ONE:  Preheat oven to 425 °F  Line a large baking sheet with aluminum foil and coat foil with cooking spray. Place fillets on foil.

TWO: In a small bowl, combine honey, mustard, stevia (Sucanat), salt and cayenne. Brush tops of fillets with mustard mixture, dividing evenly.  Sprinkle pecans over top, dividing evenly, and coat tops of fillets with cooking spray. Bake for 12 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.

NOTE: Chicken or pork take longer. Typically ours cook in about 25-40 minutes, depending on the thickness of the meat. The last 10-15 minutes of cooking, add the pecans.



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Tracey's Raisin Almond Granola Clean granola recipe!

If you're a member of the toscareno.proboards.com forum, you'll know Traweaver. This is her incredible recipe for granola. My family absolutely loves this! My husband eats it as cereal, everyone snacks on it, and my favorite is to add it to my plain greek yogurt - little bit 'o heaven there! :-)

Recipe Makes 35 servings

3 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup oat bran + 2 scoops Van. PP)
1/4 cup ground flax seed
1/4 cup wheat germ
1 cup whole raw almonds
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla
2 T coconut oil
1/4 cup water
3/4 cup raisins

Preheat oven to 300. In bowl whisk the oats, oat bran, flax, wheat germ, almonds and sea salt. In saucepan bring the honey, maple syrup, vanilla, oil, and water just to a bubble over low heat. Pour the honey mixture over the oats and mix until oats are evenly moistened. Spread the oats onto ungreased, rimmed baking sheet. Bake at 300 for 20 minutes stirring twice. Cool completely and then add the raisins. Stir again and store in a sealed container. Can be frozen as well.

Per 2 tablespoons - Recipe makes 35 servings

(Note: the protein powder you use will change your nutritional data, so if you're tracking closely, you can use nutritiondata.com to plug in the recipe with your own protein powder to have accurate numbers).

Cals: 104
Fat: 4g
Carb: 15g
Sugars: 8g
Fiber: 2g
Protein: 4g

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Chelle's Meatloaf & Smashed Potatoes

Needing a quick but man & family friendly dinner, I threw this together and was happy to get the thumb's up from Bill & the kids :-) I serve it alongside smashed potatoes (see below) & steamed green beans.

Recipe Makes 6-8 servings

2 lbs lean ground beef
5-6 large Crimini (brown) mushrooms, chopped fine
1/2 cup chopped colored peppers (I use whatever is on sale)
1/2 cup Whole Wheat Panko crumbs
1 egg
1 Tbsp Mrs Dash Onion & Herb
1/2 cup Reduced Fat Cheddar, shredded
1/2 cup BBQ Sauce ( I use Grandma Koyote's - local & clean)

Spray an 8x8 pan with olive or coconut oil. In a bowl, mix all ingredients except the bbq sauce. Press into pan. Spread the bbq sauce over the top.

Bake at 450 for 30 minutes. Carefully drain off liquid and return to oven for 10 minutes. Check for doneness. If not cooked through, continue cooking in 10-15 minute increments.


Alternative: Instead of an 8x8, use muffin tins! This makes easily portable leftovers :-)


Chelle's Smashed Potatoes

Potatoes are a fabulous source of potassium (mostly in the skin)! Don't be afraid to enjoy "white" potatoes while eating clean.  Typically, I don't eat starchy carbs in the evening, unless it's a treat, but the rest of my family does, so this makes a great "comfort" food that's also very healthy.

1 1/2 to 2 Lbs Yukon Gold potatoes (don't peel)
1 Tbsp Unsalted Butter (local if possible)
1/4 cup Non-Fat Milk
1/4 - 1/2 cup shredded Reduced Fat Medium Cheddar Cheese
1/2 - 1 Tbsp Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb

Chop potatoes into chunks and boil in salted water until tender. Drain. Add butter, milk & Mrs Dash and smash with a fork (keeping the skins). If you want a more "mashed" texture, use a hand mixer and blend until you reach desired consistency.

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Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Based on a recipe by Devin Alexander, but cleaned up.

Recipe Makes 6-8 servings

3 large sweet potatoes (the orange ones)
1 tbsp unsalted butter (local if available)
3 tbsp chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (slice them open, scrape out seeds then dice)

Peel sweet potatoes and cut into 1-inch chunks. Boil in salted water until tender. Drain.

In a bowl, add the sweet potatoes, butter and chipotle peppers. Beat (I use a hand mixer) until reaching the desired consistency (we like them a little bit chunky). Serve.


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Lemon & Dijon Chicken with Panko Crust

Consumer Reports Food & Fitness, Winter 2011 offered up this yummy recipe. I've been experimenting with Panko, and this is the best recipe I've tried to-date. 

Recipe Makes 6-8 servings


2 tbsp dijon mustard
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tsp salt, divided
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 cup whole-wheat panko breadcrumbs
1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves
1 tsp grated lemon peel
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
Olive oil spray

1. Heat oven to 450. Whisk mustard, garlic, lemon juice and 1/2 tsp salt and black pepper in a large bowl. Add chicken; turn to coat. Set aside.

2. Mix breadcrumbs, thyme, lemon peel, remaining salt and cayenne pepper in shallow bowl. Place wire rack on rimmed baking sheet. Spray with olive oil. Coat Chicken in breadcrumb mixture and place on rack. Spritz lightly with olive oil spray.

3. Bake chicken 25 minutes, or until cooked through, covering loosely with foil during the last 5 minutes of baking time if chicken is browning too much.


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Rocco DiSpirito's Mac n Cheese Light - Healthy Recipes

Mac and Cheese Light

This recipe gem was featured in Fitness Magazine (Sept. 2010, pg 148) and was created by Rocco DiSpirito. 4 servings isn't enough for my family, so I doubled the recipe, though still used the 8x8 and it was absolutely incredible! Super Yummy! Full batch of thumbs-up from my house! :-) The original recipe (not doubled) is below.

*Note... make the onion-garlic puree first

Rocco's Recipe
Makes 4 servings


Nonstick cooking spray (I used olive oil)
Salt (I used sea-salt)
4 ounces whole wheat macaroni (I used Quinoa pasta)
1/2 cup onion-garlic puree (see below)
1/2 tsp dry mustard
Pinch of cayenne pepper
1 cup shredded 50% reduced fat cheddar
1/3 cup nonfat greek yogurt
1/4 cup whole-wheat panko bread crumbs
1/4 cup grated fresh Parmesan

1. Preheat oven to 425. Mist an 8x8 baking dish with oil. Set it aside.
2. Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Add macaroni & cook per package directions. Drain.
3. Meanwhile, bring onion-garlic puree, mustard and cayenne to a simmer in a small saucepan over medium heat, stirring often. Whisk in cheddar until melted. Remove from heat and whisk in yogurt.
4. In a medium bowl, toss the macaroni with the cheese sauce. Season with salt to taste. Pour the mixture into the prepared baking dish and sprinkle panko over the top. Top with Parmesan.
5. Bake until Parmesan is melted and macaroni is hot throughout, about 10 minutes.

Combine 1 large Vidalia onion, 9 cloves garlic (roughly chopped) and half a cup of water in a microwave safe bowl. Season with salt (seasalt) and black pepper to taste. Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap and microwave on high 10 minutes.
Pour the mixture into a blender; blend until smooth.
Can be stored in the fridge (covered) for up to 72 hours.


Recipe nutrition info: Serving size about 2/3 cup. 237 calories, 17g protein, 31 g carbohydrate, 7 g fat (4 g saturated), 3 g fiber.


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Chelle's Mexican Pizza

This is so good!! You can boost the protein (I often do) by adding shredded chicken breast. I've been making this pizza for years, and it's a fast and nutritious dinner. Next time, I'll take a photo. :-)

Chelle's Recipe


1 Pizza Crust - Alvarado St Bakery, Sprouted California Style, Original
1 can black beans, low sodium, drained & mashed
1/2 tsp Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle
Dash of Mrs Dash Extra Spicy
2 cups ground lean beef, cooked
1/4 cup chopped red pepper
1/4 cup sliced black olives
3/4 cup shredded medium cheddar
2 tbsp crumbled feta
1 cup lettuce, chopped

Place crust on pan. Drain and mash black beans and mix with Mrs Dash. Spread mashed black beans over crust (like you would sauce). Spread cooked ground beef over the beans. (you can add shredded chicken to boost the protein). Sprinkle olives & peppers, then top with cheddar and feta.

Bake at 450 for 10 minutes. Allow to rest for a couple minutes, then slice. Top with shredded lettuce & salsa.

Makes 8 slices

Topping options: Chopped tomato, diced green chili, shredded chicken.

Nutrition info is figured on NutritionData.com. This is a rough estimate, per slice. View my recipe on NutritionData.com here.  http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/recipe/1949551/2#ixzz1C4Sa8OtQ
Nutrition Info for Chelle's Mexican Pizza

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Protein Microwave Chocolate Cupcake with Fudge Sauce

Biochemista.com had a great recipe for a Microwave protein cupcake that looked like fun! I tried it, tweaked it and this was the result. I added my own recipe for fudge and YUM! :-)  Let me tell you, the fudge MAKES this! It was a hit at my house, and everyone loves how fast and easy it is to whip up! Give it a try when you NEED that chocolate fix! :-)  [you can find biochemista's original recipe here ]

Protein Powder Cupcake


1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I use Beverly Ultimate Muscle Protein - Awesome!)
1 Tbsp Plain Greek Yogurt (I use Chobani)
1 pinch baking powder (just pinch it between your fingers and add it to the mix)
1 dash sea-salt (similar to one shake)
1 tsp Agave Nectar
1 egg white
1-2 tbsp water to moisten
1 microwave safe mug

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl.
Spray inside of mug with oil (I use coconut oil).
Dump batter into mug.
Microwave for 1-2 minutes (I did 1 minute, then 20 second bursts until done)

NOTE: This is HOT!! Be careful!  While it's cooling (you want it warm, just not scorching), make the fudge sauce...

Chelle's Fudge Sauce Recipe


2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (I use Valrhoma)
1 Tbsp virgin coconut oil
1 dash sea-salt
1 splash pure vanilla
1 Tbsp Agave nectar

Mix together in a small glass bowl and microwave for 20 seconds. Stir well until you get a thick fudgy sauce.

Frost it over bites of the protein cupcake.

**Note... about protein powders. I've tried so many I lost count. The only one I like is Beverly's Ultimate Muscle Protein Powder. It bakes, it mixes, it blends and it tastes incredible. I tried this recipe using the Vanilla powder, too, but it was a total fail. Yuck. Chocolate was the way to go! :-)


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Chelle's Cheesy Brown Rice - Baked

This is so easy! And changing the flavors is super simple! Just swap out the seasonings and the cheese! Feeling Italian? Use Mozzarella and Mrs Dash Italian Herb. Mexican? Use Sharp Cheddar or Pepper Jack and Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle. Easy!

Chelle's Recipe


4 cups cooked brown rice
1 1/2 cup sharp cheddar cheese, grated
1 Tbsp Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb
Spray Olive Oil

Preheat oven to 450. Spray an 8x8 pan with Olive Oil.

In a bowl, mix together the cooked rice, cheese and Mrs Dash. Pour into bowl and bake for 10-15 minutes. Top will be golden and "crunchy", inside will be delicately herbed and cheesy. Yum!


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Chelle's "Breaded" Chicken

I saw a recipe in Devin Alexander's book, I Can't Believe It's Not Fattening, and wondered if I could clean it up... turned out it was simpler than I imagined! I just swapped out processed ingredients for clean! I'll get a photo up the next time I make it (which according to the family is SOON!)

Chelle's Recipe


1 package Cheese & Garlic Croutons (Look for a brand that is made with whole grain bread and includes no preservatives or additives. I found mine at Whole Foods.)
1 1/2 cup Whole Grain Panko (I used Ians brand)
1 Tbsp Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb
1 cup Reduced Fat Buttermilk
4 large chicken breasts, cut in half (about 4 oz each when cooked) and pounded to even thickness
Spray Olive Oil

In a large ziploc bag (I use gallon size), add the chicken and buttermilk. Seal and marinate a minimum of 6 hrs (I do overnight). *Do not skip this step! This is what makes the chicken fabulous and keeps the breading on.

Place Croutons in a bag and smash them into crumbs. Add the panko crumbs & Mrs Dash, mix well.

When ready to cook, preheat oven to 450. Spray a 13x9 pan with olive oil.

Add the crumbs/panko to a large bowl.

Pick up chicken piece and allow excess buttermilk to drip off (there will be a nice coating of buttermilk on the chicken... you want that). Place each piece of chicken (one at a time) in the crumb mix and coat well. Place in pan. If there's leftover crumbs, gently press into the tops of the chicken, then spray lightly with the Olive Oil.

Bake for about 15 minutes (depending on the thickness of your chicken), then carefully flip the pieces over and bake for another 15 minutes. Check for doneness (not pink inside).


**I served this with my Cheesy Brown Rice and steamed Broccoli**



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Chelle's Breakfast Burritos Chelle Staffords Recipe for Healthy Breakfast Burritos

This is my own original recipe, and though it has gone through a few evolutions, it is now totally clean! It's super healthy, incredibly yummy, and while time consuming to create it is very worth the effort. I've been making these for almost 20 years and my family informed me this year's batch were the best ever (and ironically, the healthiest! LOL!)  FYI... They freeze and reheat very well, too! 

Chelle's Recipe

Ingredients :

12 flour tortillas (either make your own, or purchase the cleanest you can find)
12-24 pieces of thin sliced bacon (I get it from the Whole Foods, it's uncured, so there's no nitrates/sulfates/preservatives/additives. It's clean. Brands I recommend are 365 and Wellshire Farms.)
1 can black beans, drained and mashed
1 can diced green chilies
2 large potatoes, diced and cooked (you can microwave, bake, grill, or pan fry in EVOO or coconut oil or even real butter. I use butter)
1 lb of ground beef (or bison or turkey) browned & seasoned with Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle
1 14.5 oz can Glen Muir Fire Roasted Tomatoes w/ Chipotle Peppers
12-18 eggs, scrambled
2 cups cooked mexican rice (view my recipe)
Sharp Cheddar Cheese, grated
Plain Greek Yogurt
Salsa or Taco Sauce and/or Sriracha sauce


Scramble the eggs & set aside. 
Brown the beef & set aside.
Make the bacon and drain & set aside.
Make the potatoes & set aside.
Make the rice & set aside.

Preheat oven to 350. Grease a 13x9 pan (I use real butter, which is mostly MCFA-medium chain fatty acid and SCFA-short chain fatty acid, and actually good for you!). 

In a large bowl, gently mix together the rice, cooked potatoes, green chilies, cooked beef, canned tomatoes (do not drain) and the scrambled eggs.

Add about a tablespoon of mashed beans to each tortilla and spread it around. Add a scoop of the potato/egg/chili/beef/rice/tomato mixture. Add 1-2 slices of cooked bacon. Add 1-2 tbsp of grated cheddar. Roll up and place in pan, seam-side down.  When all tortillas are filled, sprinkle a few more tbsp of cheddar over the top. Cover with foil and bake for 20 minutes, then remove foil and bake another 5-10 until golden on top.

Serve with the greek yogurt (instead of sour cream), salsa, taco sauce etc. I like to mix a bit of Sriracha sauce with greek yogurt and drizzle that over the top.  You can also serve with guacamole or chopped avocado.

This dish can be prepared the night before & refrigerated until you're ready to pop it in the oven. Just bake until they're hot all the way through.

It can also be cooked, cooled, then individually frozen for convenient meals!


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Chelle's Mexican Brown Rice

This is so easy! I use the 10 minute bags of brown rice for convenience, but you can easily use regular "loose" rice.

Chelle's Recipe


2 bags of 10 minute whole grain brown rice
1 cup Low Sodium Chicken Broth (Pacific brand only has 70 mg of sodium per serving!)
1 Tbsp Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle
1 tsp Mrs Dash Extra Spicy
1 Tbsp Chili Powder
1 14.5 oz can Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomatoes with Chipotle Peppers

In a pan, pour broth, then add water to appropriate level.
Add seasonings.
Bring to a boil and add the rice. Boil 10 minutes.
Drain well and pour rice into a bowl.
Add canned tomatoes (not drained).
Mix Well.

     In place of the mexican seasonings, use any other combo! I love the Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb for this, too! You can do the same with quinoa!


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Crockpot Beef Stew/Soup

This hearty stew feeds my family of 6 and provides leftovers! 

Chelle's Recipe

2-3 cups of beef low-sodium broth (more if you want it more soupy)
2 lbs chopped stew meat
3 carrots, peeled and sliced
2 large potatoes, cut into bite-size chunks
1 onion, quartered (or diced if your family likes onion - my hubby doesn't so I leave the onion in large pieces easily removed from his bowl, lol)
1 container of mushrooms, sliced (I like crimini, but you can use whatever you prefer)
1 tsp Garlic powder
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1 tbsp Thyme
Sea-Salt to taste

Place all ingredients in crockpot, stir, cook on low for 6-8 hrs or until meat and veggies are very tender.

Optional - Add pasta (I use egg noodles). Just prepare the pasta as normal, then spoon stew over the noodles in bowls.

Variations:  Add more veggies: beans, peas, peppers, okra, broccoli, cauliflower... ! Add barley, oats, quinoa, wild or brown rice! :-)


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Crockpot Chicken Soup

Clean Comfort food made easy! This is an easy family meal that is quick to put together.

Chelle's Recipe

2-4 cups low-sodium chicken broth (more makes it soupier, less makes it more stew-like. I generally start with 2 cups and go from there).
1.5 - 2 lbs chicken breast, diced (or 4 large breasts)
1 celery stalk, diced
2 carrots, peeled & sliced
1 onion, quartered (or diced if your family likes onion - my hubby doesn't so I leave the onion in large pieces easily removed from his bowl, lol)
2 large potatoes, diced
1 container mushrooms, sliced
1 small can diced green chilies
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp white pepper
1 package noodles of choice (I prefer egg noodles)
Sea Salt to taste.

Place all ingredients in crockpot, stir, cook on low for 6-8 hrs or until meat and veggies are very tender.

Cook pasta & drain according to package directions (I like to use low-sodium chicken broth instead of, or along with, water to increase the flavor). Add cooked noodles to crockpot and mix well. Serve.

Variations:  White beans are an excellent addition to this soup, and you can substitute wild and/or brown rice, barley or other grain for the pasta.


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Crockpot Chili Verde
Awesome pork roast with green chilies. Perfect for cool winter nights!


3 to 4 lb. shoulder pork roast (boneless)
1 lg. can green chile salsa (watch the ingredients & sodium! find the cleanest one you can)
1 med. can chopped green chiles (again, read the labels)
1/2 tsp Garlic powder
Sea Salt to taste.

Put roast in the crockpot and sprinkle with garlic powder and sea-salt.
Add the green salsa & chilies.
Cook on low 6-8 hours or until pork is very tender.

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Crockpot BBQ Chicken
This is so easy! You can use whatever meat you want, including my kids' favorite: Chicken Legs! Very economical, clean, and tasty!


12-16 chicken legs (or meat of choice)
2 bottles clean bbq sauce (I use Robbie's brand)

Put meat in the crockpot, add 1 bottle of bbq sauce, and cook on low about 4 hours. Once meat is cooked, drain off the liquid, then add the 2nd bottle of sauce. Allow to cook for another 20 minutes.



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Leftover Turkey Burroladas (burrito/enchilada)
What to do with all that leftover turkey? Make this dish! :-) Over the years, I've made this dish countless times, but this year cleaned it up. It's got great flavor, tons of protein, and reheats well, too!

Chelle's Recipe for Turkey Burroladas

2-3 cups chopped turkey meat
1 dozen tortillas
1.5 cup lowfat or fat-free greek yogurt
3 small cans of diced green chilies
1 can (14.5 oz) diced no-salt-added tomatoes (I use muir glen), including the juice
1 tbsp Sriracha Sauce (hot)
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar

1 cup lowfat or fat-free greek yogurt
1 tsp Sriracha
1 can diced green chilies
(You can also add 1/2 cup of salsa if you like)

1/2 cup shredded cheddar

Preheat oven to 350. Grease 9x13 pan (I use coconut oil).

Mix all ingredients (except the tortillas) in a bowl. Divide into the 12 tortillas, wrap and place seam side down in pan.

Mix together ingredients for the topping, then drizzle over the burritos.

Sprinkle with a bit of cheddar if you like.

Bake for 30 minutes, allow to cool for 10.  Serve.

Makes 12 burrito-chiladas. A serving size for me is 1, for my husband is 2.


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Cider Brined Turkey
If you've never brined a turkey, you're in for a treat! It's easy, and it makes the most succulent bird you'll have ever tasted. Truly! This is my favorite recipe, and I've been making this for several years. As a special note, the brining process (for reasons unknown to me) creates a LOW SODIUM bird. I know it seems crazy, but truly, the process does NOT increase the sodium content. Buy a low sodium bird (the kind that doesn't have the solution injected - read labels carefully), and then brine away! Also... don't stint on the butter. It's just for basting, and makes your turkey look just like this photo. The original recipe can be found on the Williams-Sonoma website, here.

Soaking the turkey in saltwater brine produces tender, juicy meat, but the pan drippings are too salty for making gravy.

Ingredients:Apple & Spices Turkey Brine
• 1 jar turkey brine—apple and spices, prepared with cider and water according to package instructions [here's the link to order it online]

• 1 fresh turkey, about 16 lb., neck, heart and gizzard removed (reserved, if desired)
• 8 Tbs. (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature
• 4 tsp. chopped mixed fresh herbs, such as rosemary, oregano, parsley and sage
• 1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper


Prepare the turkey brine and brine the turkey according to the package instructions.

Remove the turkey from the brine, rinse well under cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Trim off and discard the excess fat. Let the turkey stand at room temperature for 1 hour.

Position a rack in the lower third of an oven and preheat to 400ºF.

In a bowl, using a wooden spoon, beat together the butter, herbs and pepper until well blended. Spread the butter mixture evenly on the outside of the turkey. Truss the turkey as desired using kitchen twine.

Place the turkey, breast side up, on a rack in a large roasting pan and roast for 30 minutes. Loosely tent the turkey with foil, then reduce the oven temperature to 325ºF and continue roasting, basting every 30 minutes with the pan juices. After about 2 1/2 hours of total roasting time, begin testing for doneness by inserting an instant-read thermometer into the thickest part of the breast and thigh, away from the bone. The breast should register 165°F and the thigh, 175°F. Total roasting time should be 3 to 3 3/4 hours.

Transfer the turkey to a carving board, cover loosely with aluminum foil and let rest for 20 to 30 minutes before carving.

Serves 12.

**NOTE: I brine my bird 24-48 hrs. I make the brine on Tuesday night, drop in the turkey, cover & place in fridge, then Wednesday evening I flip the bird over and re-cover. Thursday morning it goes in the oven. I also use a larger bird... usually around 21-22 lbs.


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Sausage Leek Cornbread Stuffing
This recipe is wonderful! You can easily make your own clean cornbread, and thus croutons for the stuffing, though I used the brand recommended and it turned out fabulously! Yum! The original recipe can be found on the Williams-Sonoma website, here.


• 3 Tbs. unsalted butter
• 1 yellow onion, diced
• 3 celery stalks, diced
• 2 cups thinly sliced leeks, white and light green portions
• 1 Tbs. chopped fresh sage
• Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste [I use sea-salt]
• 1 1/2 lb. mild Italian sausage, casings removed
• 1 package (1 lb.) La Brea Bakery corn bread stuffing [available at Williams-Sonoma]
• 1/4 cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
• 4 garlic cloves, roasted, peeled and smashed into a pulp
• 3 to 4 cups low-sodium chicken broth, warmed

Preheat an oven to 375°F. Butter a 3-quart baking dish.

In a large fry pan over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the onion, celery, leeks, sage, salt and pepper and sauté, stirring occasionally, until soft and translucent, 10 to 12 minutes. Transfer the onion mixture to a very large bowl.

In the same pan over medium-high heat, cook the sausage, breaking it into large chunks, until browned and cooked through, 8 to 10 minutes. Transfer to the bowl with the onion mixture, add the stuffing and parsley, and stir until well combined.

In a small saucepan over medium heat, whisk the garlic into the broth until combined. Stir the broth mixture into the stuffing 1/2 cup at a time, making sure it is completely absorbed into the croutons and does not pool in the bottom of the bowl. Taste a crouton; it should be moist throughout but not crunchy or mushy. You may not need all of the broth.

Transfer the stuffing to the prepared baking dish. Cover the dish with aluminum foil and bake for 20 minutes. Remove the foil and continue baking until the top is golden brown, 25 to 30 minutes more. Let rest for 10 minutes before serving. Serves 10 to 12.


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Caramel Apple Pie - Treat Food!
This recipe is a TREAT. This isn't "clean", but it is an incredible dessert. The original can be found on the Williams-Sonoma website here
Laced with homemade caramel sauce, this apple pie makes the perfect finale for an autumn meal. When preparing the sauce, stir only during the first 2 to 3 minutes of cooking, as instructed below.



• 2 rolled-out rounds deep-dish piecrust (see recipe)

For the apples:
• 4 lb. Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored and each cut into 8 slices
• 1/2 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
• 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
• 1/4 tsp. freshly grated nutmeg [I used regular nutmeg, not fresh]
• 1 Tbs. fresh lemon juice
• 3 Tbs. cornstarch

For the caramel:
• 1 1/2 cups firmly packed light brown sugar
• 1/3 cup light corn syrup
• 6 Tbs. (3/4 stick) unsalted butter, cut into 6 pieces
• 1/2 tsp. kosher salt [I used sea-salt]
• 1/2 cup heavy cream

• 1 egg white, beaten with 1 tsp. water
• 2 tsp. granulated sugar [I used sucanat]

Transfer 1 dough round to a 9-inch deep-dish pie dish and gently press into the dish. Trim the edges flush with the rim. Reroll the dough scraps and cut out shapes using decorative pie cutters. Refrigerate the pie shell, cutouts and remaining dough round for 30 minutes.

To prepare the apples, in a large Dutch oven over medium heat, stir together the apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon juice. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, until the apples are just tender, about 20 minutes. Uncover and let cool to room temperature. Stir in the cornstarch.

To prepare the caramel, in a heavy 4-quart saucepan over medium heat, combine the brown sugar, corn syrup, butter and salt. Cook until the mixture is bubbling vigorously, about 9 minutes, stirring only during the first 2 to 3 minutes of cooking. Off the heat, carefully stir in 1/4 cup of the cream, then stir in the remaining 1/4 cup cream. Let cool until just warm. Preheat an oven to 400°F.

Let the pie shell, cutouts and dough round stand at room temperature for 5 minutes. In a large bowl, combine the apple mixture and 3/4 cup of the caramel; reserve the remaining caramel for serving. Pour the apple filling into the pie shell and place the top crust over the pie. Trim the edges flush with the rim and press the top and bottom crusts together. Brush the underside of the cutouts with egg wash and gently arrange them on the pie. Brush the entire top crust with egg wash and sprinkle with the granulated sugar.

Place the pie dish on a baking sheet. Bake until the crust is golden brown, about 1 hour; check the pie after 30 minutes and cover the top and edges with foil if they become too dark. Let the pie cool on a wire rack for at least 2 1/2 hours before serving. Warm the reserved caramel sauce and serve alongside the pie for drizzling. Serves 8.

Here's a photo of my pie, it was a little messy (lol), but pretty darn close to the way it was supposed to look!


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Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese FrostingClean Eating recipes - pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting
The original recipe was found on The Kitchen Table forum of EatCleanDiet.com here.  While high in sugar (even though it's natural), high in carbs and low in protein, it is a fab treat. You can sub protein powder for some of the flour if you'd like to give it a boost.



1 cup pumpkin puree (canned)
1/2 cup milk [I used 2%]
2 egg whites
1/2 cup safflower oil [I used grapeseed]
1/2 cup honey
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups whole wheat pastry flour
1/4 tsp salt [I used sea-salt]
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp ground cloves

4 ounces neufatchel cream cheese
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup honey

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Line cupcake tins with liners.
In a large bowl, whisk together pumpkin, milk, egg whites, oil, honey and vanilla.
In a second bowl, whisk together flour, salt, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.
Whisk the flour mixture into the liquid mixture and blend well.
Pour into tins. Bake 15-20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.
Remove from oven, allow to cool to room temperature, then frost.

Whisk all ingredients together until smooth. This is a "liquidy" frosting. I put mine in the fridge for about 30 minutes before using, then just drizzled it over the cupcakes.

Makes 12 full size muffins.


Nutrition Information is per muffin including frosting, (from NutritionData.com) and is estimated.
Nutrition Information Clean Eating Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting


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Creamy Tarragon ChickenCreamy Tarragon Chicken - Healthy recipes
The original recipe can be found in The Arthritis Cure Cookbook (Brenda Adderly, M.H.A., with Lissa De Angelis, M.S., C.C.P, published 1998).  
This was a fabulous dish, though I made one tiny mistake: I used stone-ground whole wheat flour. The "gritty" consistency led to a not so great looking sauce, though it didn't effect the flavor or texture. Next time, I'll probably use whole wheat pastry flour or all-purpose whole wheat.



2 teaspoons unsalted butter [yes, real butter]
One 2 1/2 - 3 lb chicken, quartered [I used 4 chicken breasts, which also reduces cooking time]
3 cloves garlic, peeled
2 sprigs fresh or 1 1/2 tsp dried tarragon
1 1/4 cup chicken stock [I used lower-sodium chicken broth]
1/2 tsp sea-salt
1/4 tsp ground pepper
3/4 cup plain yogurt with active cultures [I used 2% greek yogurt]
1 1/2 tbsp whole wheat flour [use a fine ground, not stone-ground]
3 sprigs parsley, leaves only, washed and pulse chopped

PREHEAT OVEN TO 375 degrees
Grease a 9x13 baking pan with 1/2 tsp of the butter. Place the chicken in the pan, bone side down (or use boneless breasts). Bake until the chicken has browned, about 30 minutes. It will not be thoroughly cooked.

In a blender or food processor, pulse mince the garlic and tarragon. Heat a medium-size skillet on a medium-high flame/heat, with the remaining 1 1/2 tsp butter, and sauté the garlic and tarragon briefly.  Add the stock (broth), sea-salt, and pepper. On high heat, bring liquid to a boil, covered. Reduce the heat and simmer 5 minutes.

Using tongs, remove the chicken from the oven to the skillet. spoon the sauce over the chicken, cover and cook until the juices run clear when inserted with a fork, about 20 minutes. Baste occasionally.

In a small bowl, combine yogurt and flour.

Remove chicken to a serving platter and cover; or place in the oven to keep warm.

Add 2 tbsp of the tarragon sauce to yogurt mixture and stir well. Add several more tbsp of sauce, stirring again. Using a whisk, add the yogurt mixture to skillet, blending well.  Cook until the sauce bubbles and is hot, whisking constantly, about 1 or 2 more minutes.

Pour the sauce over the chicken and sprinkle with parsley.

Yield: 4 servings. 

Nutrition Information (from NutritionData.com) is estimated. Click here to view full data.


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Spiderweb Nacho Spread - (bean dip)  Bean Layer Dip - Clean recipes! Spiderweb Nacho Spread
The original recipe can be found here (from Women's Day magazine).  
It turned out great and was a yummy dip!


Bean Layer
2 cans (16 oz each) lowfat refried black or pinto beans
[I used Rosarita]
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
2 Tbsp lime juice
1 Tbsp hot Mexican chili powder
[I used Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle and a sprinkle of Mrs Dash Extra Spicy]
1 tsp minced garlic
3 large plum tomatoes, sliced

Middle Layer
1 1/2 cups thick and chunky salsa
[I used 365 brand from Whole Foods]
1 cup (4 oz) shredded Mexican cheese blend

Guacamole Layer
4 ripe Hass avocados
3 Tbsp lime juice
2 Tbsp minced red onion
2 large jalapeno chiles, seeded and minced
[I only used 1]
1 tsp sea salt

1 cup reduced fat sour cream
[I used Daisy Brand, but I'm sure you could substitute plain greek yogurt]
Decoration: a clean plastic toy spider

Serve with: blue, yellow, red corn tortilla chips
[I used Tostito's Natural Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips, and Tostito's Natural Blue Corn Tortilla Chips - see below]

Recipe Preparation
1. Bean Layer: Combine all ingredients except tomatoes in a medium bowl until well blended. Scrape the mixture onto a 12- to 14-in. round serving plate and smooth into a 10-in. circle with a spatula. Arrange tomato slices around edge of bean layer to make a border.

2. Drain salsa in a strainer to get rid of excess juice. Spread over bean mixture, leaving some of the bean layer showing around the edge. Sprinkle cheese over salsa, leaving some of the salsa layer showing.

3. Guacamole: Halve avocados; remove seeds and spoon flesh into a medium bowl. Add lime juice, onion, jalapeños and salt, and mash until fairly smooth. Spoon over cheese layer and spread into an even layer.

4. Place sour cream in a ziptop bag; seal bag and snip a small tip off one corner. Pipe a spiderweb design over guacamole and onto the plate. Decorate with toy spider. Serve with tortilla chips.

Plan Ahead: You can make 4 hours ahead, cover and refrigerate.
Clean Tortilla Chips! Tostitos Natural Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Links: Tostitos Natural Blue and Tostitos Natural Yellow and

Daisy Brand Light Sour Cream


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Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies
The original recipe can be found here (about 3/4 of the page down).  
These cookies taste better than they look, lol. Very tasty treat.



1 cup sifted coconut flour
½ cup butter, melted
1 cup brown sugar
4 eggs
½ teaspoon vanilla
⅛ teaspoon sea-salt
1½ cups grated or flaked coconut (I use unsweetened)
¾ cup semisweet chocolate chips

Mix together butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla and salt. Stir in coconut, chocolate chips and coconut flour. Drop batter in spoon-sized mounds 1 inch apart on greased cookie sheet. Bake at 190 Degree C (375F) for 14 to 15 minutes. Cool slightly and remove from cookie sheet. Makes about 2 dozen cookies.


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Maple Seeded Bread -
from The Knead For Bread blog

This "from scratch" recipe is absolutely incredible! While I have yet to locate 5x7 loaf pans, I used regular size ones, and though the bread was "short", it's amazing. The blog, Knead For Bread, has tons of great recipes.



   1 cup whole wheat flour
   1 cup (whole wheat) bread flour
   1/4 tsp Active Dry Yeast
   1 1/4 cup lukewarm water

Combine the night before ingredients until smooth. Cover with cling wrap and leave on the counter over night. 


  • 2/3 cup maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup oatmeal
  • 1/4 cup wheat germ
  • 1/4 cup flax meal
  • 1/4 cup semolina flour
  • 2 tbsp poppy seeds
  • 2 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 2 tbsp flax seeds
    2 tbsp sunflower seeds
  • 1 tbsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp yeast
  • 1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/4 cups bread flour


Coating for the bread

  • 2 tbsp flax seeds
  • 3 tbsp oatmeal
  • 3 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 3 tbsp sunflower seeds
  • 3 tbsp poppy seeds
  • 1 egg white
  • 3 tbsp water





On baking day, pour the mixture (from the night before) into a large bowl.

Add in maple syrup, oat meal, wheat germ, flax meal, semolina flour, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.

Using a wooden spoon mix till smooth.

Add in instant yeast and whole wheat flour, mix till smooth.

Add in salt and slowly add the bread flour. Add just enough till you are unable to mix with the spoon.

Take some of the remaining bread flour and place it on a flat surface. Only add enough flour till the dough is just slightly tacky, but smooth and elastic. Knead for 8-10 minutes.

Place the dough into a lightly oiled bowl. Cover with cling wrap and set a side till double in bulk.

Just before the hour is up pour out the flax seeds, oatmeal, sesame seeds and poppy seeds onto a cookie sheet.

In a small bowl combine the egg white and 3 tbsp. of water, set aside.

Pour out the dough and lightly deflate. Cut dough in half and shape into loaves.

Brush the tops of the dough with the egg wash.

Place a loaf onto the seeds in the cookie sheet. Roll the dough through the seeds till all the dough is covered.

Place into a greased loaf pan( 5x7 ). Cover the loaves with cling wrap and allow to double in size.

Brush the tops of the bread with the remaining egg wash, this will help to glue the seeds to the dough.

Slash the top of the breads.

Bake in a 375 degree preheated oven for 35-40 min. or when the center of loaves are 180-185 degrees.

Allow to cool on a wire rack.


Nutritional Info  based on 1 slice, 18 slices per loaf (recipe makes 2 loaves). This is a very rough estimate, as the slices are not all equal in size. To view all nutrition data, go here:

Nutritional Info for Maple Seeded Bread

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 Easy Salmon - from Abbie Chapman
"This is my very favorite salmon recipe. My daughter says it is her "favorite chicken". It is from Barefoot Contessa [2001, Barefoot Contessa Parties!] and prep time is 9 minutes, you can't beat that! I cook it in a grill pan on the stove."  Abbie
To read about Abbie visit the Healthy Heroes page.


1 side fresh salmon, boned but skin on (about 3 pounds)
For the marinade:
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
3 tablespoons good soy sauce
6 tablespoons good olive oil
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic

Light charcoal briquettes in a grill and brush the grilling rack with oil to keep the salmon from sticking.

While the grill is heating, lay the salmon skin side down on a cutting board and cut it crosswise into 4 equal pieces. Whisk together the mustard, soy sauce, olive oil, and garlic in a small bowl. Drizzle half of the marinade onto the salmon and allow it to sit for 10 minutes.

Place the salmon skin side down on the hot grill; discard the marinade the fish was sitting in. Grill for 4 to 5 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fish. Turn carefully with a wide spatula and grill for another 4 to 5 minutes. The salmon will be slightly raw in the center, but don't worry; it will keep cooking as it sits.

Transfer the fish to a flat plate, skin side down, and spoon the reserved marinade on top. Allow the fish to rest for 10 minutes. Remove the skin and serve warm, at room temperature, or chilled


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recipe for crustless quiche - from Muscle & Fitness Hers, Sept/Oct 2010Crustless Spinach Quiche
from Muscle & Fitness Hers, Sept/Oct 2010 Pg. 26

This was really, really good! Got a thumbs up from the whole family! :-)

Serves 4

1 tsp olive oil
[I didn't use, see note on onion]
1 small onion, finely chopped
[I used 1 tbsp Mrs Dash Onion & Herb instead, as Bill doesn't like the texture of onion]
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 link Italian Chicken Sausage
[I used Aidells Chicken & Apple]
12 egg whites
3/4 cup shredded 2% cheddar
1/2 cup frozen spinach, thawed and drained (well!)
Kosher salt & cracked pepper to taste
[I used a dash of sea-salt, and no pepper since I used Mrs Dash]
Nonstick cooking spray

1.  Heat oven to 350 degrees. In a large skillet, heat olive oil, onion and garlic, sautéing until lightly browned [I skipped the skillet step]. Cut sausage into small cubes and set aside.

2.  In a large mixing bowl, whisk egg whites for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.  Add cheese, sausage, spinach, sautéed onion (if using) and garlic, and salt & pepper (or sea salt & mrs dash).  Coat a 9-inch glass pie dish with non-stick cooking spray and pour mixture into it.

3.  Place dish in oven and bake 40-45 minutes or until center is no longer liquid.

NOTE:  Mine required a total cooking time of 70 minutes. I think my spinach probably wasn't as well drained as it could have been so I had to keep draining off "water" from the center of my quiche. However, once it was fully cooked it was truly amazing! I served it with steamed snow peas & cherry tomatoes (see recipe).



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Garlic & Herb Marinated Surf & Turf Skewers
by Chef Jeff Weston & Chef Vince De Mar, Vi at Silverstone/Grayhawk. 
View Recipe online.

A friend served these at a summer party and they were incredible!
Truly a must-try!  She served them with jasmine rice.

Serves 2 people, 2 skewers each

2, 5-6 oz each Filet Mignon
4 each Fresh U-20 Scallops
1 each Green Bell Pepper
4 each Cremini Mushrooms
1 each Straightneck Yellow Squash
10 leaves, no stems Chiffonade of Fresh Basil
¼ bunchFresh Parsley, chopped
2 each Fresh Thyme, leaves removed
2 cloves Fresh Garlic, minced
3 cups Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Black Pepper to taste
4 each Wooden or metal skewers

• In a mixing bowl, mix the extra virgin olive oil, basil, parsley, thyme, and garlic.
• Peel the connective tissue from the scallops and discard. Set scallops aside in the refrigerator.
• Roughly quarter the filet mignon to resemble the scallops in size. Set filet aside in the refrigerator.
• Seed and dice the green bell pepper in roughly 1 inch squares.
• Halve the yellow squash and cut to approximately the size of the filet mignon.
• Assemble the skewers in this order: scallop, green bell pepper, filet, mushroom, and squash.
• Pour the garlic herb marinade over the skewers and let sit for 2 hours.
• Preheat a large sauté pan over medium high heat. Add a small amount of extra virgin olive oil to the pan and heat until it shimmers. Season the skewers with the salt and black pepper. Sear the skewers on both sides until well browned. Finish cooking to desired doneness in a 375 degree oven for five to seven minutes. Serve immediately.
• As an option, the skewers may be cooked on an outdoor grill.


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Chicken Enchilasagna - Devin Alexander (tweaked) Chicken Enchilasagna by Devin Alexander
This recipe is amazing. Truly amazing. My family loves it. Friends love it. It tastes sinfully wonderful, and yet is healthy! Can't beat that.  The original is in Devin's book, "The Most Decadent Diet Ever", and I've tweaked it a bit to clean it up and increase the protein. Original recipe can be viewed here.  The recipe below is mine with all the tweaking.

Chicken Enchilasagna
Makes 12-16 servings
Prep Time: 30 mins
Total Time: 1 hr 5 mins

2 teaspoons Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle
2 teaspoons Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy
2 cups cooked shredded chicken (I used chicken from my sunday food prep, shredded)
2 cups (1 lb) ground bison
1 14 ounce can Muir Glen diced fire roasted tomatoes
1 28-ounce can traditional mild enchilada sauce
1 28-ounce can medium green chili enchilada sauce
8 oz. (about 4 cups) finely shredded Tillamook medium cheddar (I use Tillamook because it has no added colors, preservatives, etc.)
1/2 - 1  cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 cup sliced drained black olives
1 small can chopped, drained green chilies
12 6-inch yellow corn tortillas (I use Ezekiel Sprouted Corn Tortillas)

Preheat the oven to 450°F.

Brown the ground bison (or lean beef), season with the 2 Mrs. Dash flavors. Drain meat then add the can of diced tomatoes. Don't drain it. Add the shredded chicken until the seasonings are well mixed. Set aside.

Meanwhile, combine the enchilada sauces in a medium bowl and mix until well combined. Set aside.

Mix the cheese, cilantro, olives, and chilies in a second medium bowl. Set aside.

Cut or tear each tortilla into about 9 roughly even pieces.

Spread 1 cup of the enchilada sauce in the bottom of a 9 X 13-inch glass or ceramic baking dish.

Cover the sauce evenly with about a third of the tortilla pieces. Then sprinkle about half of the chicken & bison over them. Pour about 1 cup of the sauce evenly over that. Then sprinkle a third of the cheese mixture over that. Repeat layering with half of the remaining tortillas, the remaining chicken, 1 cup of sauce, then half of the remaining cheese mixture. Follow that with another layer of the tortillas, then the remaining sauce, then the remaining cheese mixture. Cover with foil and bake for 25 minutes. Remove the foil and bake for another 5 minutes.

Then remove from the oven and let stand for 10 minutes. Serve immediately.

Note: The original recipe, is half this amount and is made in an 8x8 pan. You can easily halve my recipe.

Nutrition Information: Using NutritionData.com, I got a rough estimate. The fat content, for instance, will go up or down depending on the meat you use, and if you increase the cheese. The carbs will go up or down depending on how many tortillas you use. The protein will go up or down depending on how much you use (super easy to increase it!). Sodium isn't listed here, but you can reduce it by buying chicken and beef/bison without sodium added (watch your labels), and purchasing ingredients that are low in sodium.

Serving Size 1/12 of pan (using 13x9 as per my recipe)
Calories:  328
Fat:  14 g (6 of which are sat fats - healthy ones)
Carbohydrate:  32 g
Protein:  22 g


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"Fat Burning Cookie" from Oxygen Magazine Fat-Burning Cookies from Oxygen Magazine, September 2010
These cookies have a nice balance of carbs/proteins. They're healthy, low sugar, and (hello!) have chocolate. :-)
A couple notes though... they look nothing like the photo in the magazine. NOTHING. The recipe says it'll make 76 cookies. Sure, if they're the size of a thumbnail. A serving is 2 of these thumbnail cookies... recalculate accordingly. My batch made 38 regular size cookies (therefore the nutrition data applies to 1 cookie, not 2, for me), and they're quite cakey and not very "cookie-ish", but they are a great pre-workout fuel up.

Fat-Burning Cookie - Oxygen Magazine Sept.  2010, pg 80...
Makes 38 servings (total 76 cookies - see note above)  VIEW PDF OF PAGE
Best Eaten: As a morning or Pre-Workout Snack

1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
2 cups whey protein powder (I used Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Powder)
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 1/2 cups low-fat small curd cottage cheese
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup canola oil (I used coconut oil)
1 egg
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup walnuts, chopped.

1. Preheat oven to 350°

2. Combine first 4 ingredients in a large bowl and blend with a fork.

3. In a separate bowl, combine next 5 ingredients and whisk together with a fork, or use an electric mixer or food processor.

4. Add wet ingredients to dry and mix with a fork. Mix in oats, chocolate chips, and walnuts.

5. Drop by teaspoonfulls onto an oiled or parchment-paper-lined baking sheet. Bake 12 minutes until the cookies are slightly brown on top.

Nutrients per serving (2 cookies - see note above):
Calories 99; total fats: 3g, saturated fat 1g, Cholesterol: 6mg; Sodium: 72 mg; Total carb: 11g; Dietary fiber: 2g; Sugars: 5g; Protein: 7g.


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Steamer Bag Veggies - Super Easy! Chelle's clean recipe for easy steamed veggies
I love my Ziploc Steamer Bags! They're a big part of my Sunday Food Prep, and make my life sooo much easier! It's a snap to whip up a serving (or 4, or more!) of fresh veggies.  If you're making enough for more than just you, simply increase the amounts and add to the bag.

Here are several I do...

Steamed Snow Peas & Tomatoes... Makes 1 serving

1/2 to 1 cup snow peas
1/2 cup - 3/4 cup cherry tomatoes
1 tsp coconut oil
Dash of Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb

Clean veggies & toss them in the steamer bag. Add 1 tsp coconut oil and a dash of Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb. Seal the bag.

When you're ready to enjoy, microwave on high for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. Allow to rest for one minute (don't open the bag), then dump onto a plate or into a bowl! It's that easy!

Steamed Broccoli
... Makes 1 serving

1 to 2 cups fresh broccoli florets
Dash of Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb (or any other flavor)

Microwave on high according to the package directions. Let rest one minute (don't open the bag). Open bag & dump onto a plate. Done!  Squirt some fresh lemon juice over the veggies for added flavor.

Steamed Cauliflower
... Makes 1 serving

1 to 2 cups fresh caulflower florets
Dash of Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb (or any other flavor)

Microwave on high according to the package directions. Let rest one minute (don't open the bag). Open bag & dump onto a plate. Done!  Squirt some fresh lemon juice over the veggies for added flavor.

Steamed Zucchini & Yellow Squash
... Makes 1 serving

1 small zucchini - sliced to desired thickness (I do 1/4")
1 small yellow sqush - sliced to desired thickness (I do 1/4")
Dash of Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb (or any other flavor)

Microwave on high according to the package directions. Let rest one minute (don't open the bag). Open bag & dump onto a plate. Done!  Squirt some fresh lemon juice over the veggies for added flavor.

Steamed Corn on the Cobb... Makes 1 serving

1 Ear of Corn
1 tsp coconut oil or butter (clean)

Clean and trim one ear of corn and place in bag. Add coconut oil or butter. Seal. Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes. Allow to rest for one minute (don't open the bag). Check for doneness and either serve or return to microwave for additional time.  Corn is done when you pierce a kernel with a sharp knife and it "bursts" or squirts.

Steamed Artichoke... Makes 1 serving

1 Artichoke

Clean and trim and place in bag. Seal. Microwave on high for 3-5 minutes. Allow to rest for one minute (don't open the bag). Check for doneness and either serve or return to microwave for additional time.  Artichoke is done when inner leaves pull away (open) easily when prodded by a fork.

Steamed Asparagus... Makes 1 serving

1 handful of asparagus spears
Dash of Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb (or any other flavor)

Clean and trim and place in bag. Add Mrs. Dash.  Seal. Microwave on high per instructions on bag. Allow to rest for one minute (don't open the bag). Check for doneness and either serve or return to microwave for additional time.  Squirt some fresh lemon juice over the veggies for added flavor.

Steamed Stuffed Portabello Mushroom
... Makes 1 serving

1 Large Portabello Mushroom cap
2 Tbsp pico de gallo or salsa (Pico de gallo is just chopped tomato, onion, jalepeno, cilantro and a squirt of lemon juice)
1 tsp reduced fat feta cheese
4-6 baby spinach leaves

Clean and trim the mushroom cap. Place spinach leaves as the bottom layer inside the cap. Top with pico de gallo, then feta. Place in bag and seal. Microwave on high for 2 1/2 minutes. Allow to rest for one minute (don't open the bag). Serve!


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Tomato & Cucumber Salad Chelle's clean recipe for tomato and cucumber salad!
This is super easy to whip together, and it's fantastic! I needed some extra veggies one morning for my cooler, and this was the result.

My Recipe... Makes 1 serving

1 Roma tomato
1 Persian Cucumber (the little gourmet ones)
1/2 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 tbsp olive oil
Dash of sea-salt
Dash of Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb

Chop the tomato & cucumber, place in a small bowl and drizzle the oils over them. Sprinkle with Sea-Salt & Mrs Dash. Toss.

That's it! Super Easy!

Nutrition per serving: 147 calories, 1 g protein, 4 g carbohydrates, 14 g fat (7 g saturated - this is the coconut oil and it's GOOD sat. fat), 0 mg cholesterol, 1 g fiber, 120 mg sodium


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Bacon Wrapped Tilapia - Clean!
This recipe is from Devin Alexander's I Can't Believe It's Not Fattening
NOTE: I'm no chef, and I've never done anything bacon wrapped, so I was unprepared for the trauma, lol! Next time (because this recipe is now Bill-Approved, there WILL be a next time) I will use a thinner sliced bacon (still from Whole Foods meat department, as it's lean and clean), and toothpicks to hold the slippery little strips in place.

The Recipe... Makes 2 servings

Olive oil spray
2 (about 4 ounces each) or 4 (about 2 ounces each) tilapia filets
Sea salt and pepper, to taste
Garlic powder, to taste
4 slices center-cut bacon

1. Preheat the broiler. Line a small baking sheet with nonstick aluminum foil. Lightly mist the foil with spray.

2. If using 2-ounce filets, stack them in pairs, smooth sides together, creating 2 (4-ounce) "filets." Season both sides of each filet with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Starting at the narrower end of one of the filets (or filet couplings), wrap two of the bacon strips around the tilapia so they cover as much surface area of the fish as possible. Repeat with the remaining filet (or filet coupling) and bacon.

3. Broil until the bacon is cooked and the fish flakes easily, 5 to 6 minutes per side. Serve immediately.

Nutrition per serving: 133 calories, 25 g protein, 0 g carbohydrates, 6 g fat (3 g saturated), 70 mg cholesterol, 0 g fiber, 306 mg sodium



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Bacon Cheeseburger - Clean Recipes for weight loss and maintenance. Recipe by Devin Alexander.


Bacon Cheeseburger - Clean!
This recipe is from Devin Alexander's I Can't Believe It's Not Fattening, but cleaned up a bit :-) The nutritional info is for the recipe as it appears in the book (pg 48).

The Recipe... (makes 1 - multiply recipe for required number of servings)

4-ounces 96% lean ground beef (I used bison) Bill's Bacon Cheeseburger - Clean Recipes for weight loss and maintenance. Recipe by Devin Alexander.
1/2 ounce slice reduced fat Swiss Cheese
1 1/2 Tbsp bacon pieces (she used Hormel 50% reduced fat... I used Welshire brand... clean!)
1 tsp dried minced onion
Sea-Salt to taste (she called for table salt, I only use sea-salt)
1 small leaf green lettuce
3 (1/4" thick) slices Roma (plum) tomato
1 Tbsp ketchup or BBQ Sauce (I used Robbie's)
1 (about 3 1/2" diameter) whole wheat or whole grain hamburger bun (I used Earthgrain thin bun, Bill used a Potato bun)

Preheat grill to high (I used my Foreman grill).

In a small bowl, mix the beef, bacon and onion until well combined. Shape the beef into a patty about 1/2 larger in diameter than the bun. Lightly sprinkle both sides of the patty with sea-salt. Grill burger 1-2 minutes per side for med-rare, or until desired doneness is reached. (don't smash the burger with a spatula). Just before the burger is done, place the bun halves, insides face down, on a top grill rack or away from open flame to toast them. Add the cheese atop the patty to melt (15-30 seconds).

Place the toasted bun bottom on a plate. Add the burger patty, the lettuce, and the tomato slices. Spread the ketchup or barbecue sauce over the inside of the bun top and flip it atop the burger. Serve immediately.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION:   Each sandwich (per recipe) has about 351 calories; 36 g protein;  29 g carbs; 111 g fat; 80 mg cholesterol; 4 g fiber, 745 mg sodium. These numbers will change depending on the bun you use, your choice of ketchup or bbq sauce, etc. My bacon bits were lower in sodium, as was my bbq sauce. (see my nutritional data below)

Here's the nutritional data for just the burger, no bun:
Nutrition Information for Bacon Buffalo Burger

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Ahi Steak Sandwich: Ahi Steak Sandwich - Clean Recipes for weight loss and maintenance. Recipe by Devin Alexander.
This is a fabulous treat from Devin Alexander's I Can't Believe It's Not Fattening, but cleaned up a bit :-) My photo isn't the best, but trust me... it's YUMMY!

The Recipe... (makes 1)

2  4-ounce Sushi or Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna steak (should be beautifully pink and not smell fishy)
1/4 tsp prepared Wasabi
2 Tbsp clean mayonnaise (watch the labels for zero preservatives)
1 Tbsp olive oil
Fresh pepper & sea-salt to taste
2 Sandwich thins or other clean "bun"
Green leaf lettuce
1/2 avocado sliced (optional)
4 slices tomato

Have all ingredients ready, because the tuna cooks fast and you don't want it sitting around while you're putting your sandwich together :-)

Prepare the wasabi, (mine is a powder you mix with hot water and requires a 5 min. rest, so check the directions on yours). Combine with the mayo and set aside.
Slice tomato, and avocado (if using). Prep the lettuce leaves.

Heat a small non-stick skillet on high heat until hot, but not smoking. Oil the tuna on both sides and sprinkle with fresh pepper & sea salt. Add tuna steak to the pan and sear - about 30 seconds to a minute on each side. Ahi should be RARE in the middle... if look at my photo, you'll see that I actually overcooked mine (still tasty, though).

Spread 1/2 the wasabi-mayo on each bun top. Place lettuce and tomato on bottom bun. Top with Ahi, then avocado (if using), and top bun. Serve immediately.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION:   Each sandwich (without avocado) has about 298 calories; 32 g protein;  27 g carbs; 7 g fat; 0 mg cholesterol; 4 g fiber, 395 mg sodium. These numbers will change depending on the bun you use, your choice of mayonnaise, and whether or not you add the avocado.

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Breakfast Sandwich - Egg & Turkey: Chelle's Turkey & Egg Breakfast Sandwich (see below for egg-only recipe)
This is a super easy breakfast! The recipe is based on one by Devin Alexander, but cleaned up :-)

My Recipe...

1 Whole Wheat english muffin (or ezekiel, bagel thin or sandwich thin)
1/4 cup 100% Egg-Whites (but you can use 1 regular egg, instead)
Mrs Dash - Garlic & Herb
2 ounces clean deli meat (We use ham and/or turkey - Applegate farms - low sodium & uncured and/or Golden Farms No-Salt Added Turkey Breast - only 50 mg sodium per 2 oz serving!)
1/2 cup baby spinach leaves (raw)
1 slice reduced-fat Cheddar cheese

Slice of tomato (optional)

Spray a small egg pan (or any pan, I use a little cheapy One-Egg Pan - $4 at Walmart) with coconut or olive oil. When hot, add egg and sprinkle lightly with Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb. While cooking, toast the english muffin. When the egg is almost cooked through, flip it over (unless your scrambling). Place the cheese on the bottom muffin slice, top with hot egg, then the deli meat, tomato and baby spinach.

Nutritional Information:  This is based on using a Thomas' Light Multi Grain English Muffin and Applegate Farms Organic Roasted Turkey Breast and Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese. The sodium count can be reduced by changing either the muffin or the cheese to a low-sodium variety.

Nutrition Ratio:
Nutrition Ratios for Chelle's Turkey & Egg Breakfast Sandwich


Chelle's Egg White breakfast sandwich. Ideal food for weight loss and maintenance.

Breakfast Sandwich - Egg Only:  

My Recipe...

1 Whole Wheat english muffin (or ezekiel, bagel thin or sandwich thin)
1/2 cup 100% Egg-Whites (but you can use 2 regular eggs, instead)
Mrs Dash - Garlic & Herb
1/2 cup baby spinach leaves (raw)
1 slice reduced-fat Cheddar cheese
Slice of tomato (optional)

Spray a small egg pan (or any pan, I use a little cheapy One-Egg Pan - $4 at Walmart) with coconut or olive oil. When hot, add egg and sprinkle lightly with Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb. While cooking, toast the english muffin. When the egg is almost cooked through, flip it over (unless your scrambling). Place the cheese on the bottom muffin slice, top with hot egg, tomato and baby spinach.

Nutrition information for breakfast sandwich with egg white.Nutritional Information: This is based on using a Thomas' Light Multi Grain English Muffin, 100% Egg Whites and Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese.  The sodium count can be reduced by changing either the muffin or the cheese to a low-sodium variety.

Nutrition Ratio:


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Steamer Bag Omelet:  
This is a super easy breakfast!

My Recipe...

1 Steamer Bag (either Ziploc or Glad)
Egg-Whites (I use 1 cup of All Whites or egg beaters, but you can use 4 regular eggs, too)
1/2 cup to a full cup of chopped veggies: zucchini, red pepper, yellow squash, mushrooms... whatever you like.
Optional: I add a chopped link of Applegate farms sausage to Bill's omelet bag.
1/4 to 1/2 cup rinsed black beans
1 cup baby spinach
1 tblsp reduced fat feta (optional)

Add egg product and chopped veggies to steamer bag (and meat if using). Microwave for 4 minutes. Let stand 1 minute. If still runny, nuke for another minute or two.

Put spinach on plate. Dump omelet out of bag on top of the spinach. Top with black beans and microwave for 30 seconds to a minute... just long enough to heat up the beans. The spinach will have wilted nicely from the heat of the omelet.  Sprinkle salsa and feta over the top and enjoy!

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Healthy Pizza:  Clean Eating Magazine - Healthy Food for Weight Loss and Health
The second issue of Clean Eating Magazine contained a recipe for pizza. I've based my version on that original recipe. The main difference is that I've replaced their homemade pizza crust with a ready-made, and added more protein for a better balance of carbs/protein.

My Recipe...

1 Ready-Made Whole Wheat Pizza Crust (see products below)
1 Jar low-sodium, low-sugar pizza sauce (or make your own with no-salt added tomato paste, 1 tbsp olive oil, water and Mrs Dash seasonings)
1 link each Applegate Farms Chicken Apple Sausage and Sweet Italian (or any other 2 flavors you prefer), sliced like pepperoni - or use grilled chicken or pork
1/4 cup browned Boca crumbles or ground beef/turkey/bison/other lean meat
Chopped Veggies (I use Zucchini, Baby Portobello mushrooms, onion, red pepper, a bit of Fresno Pepper, Greek Olives, tomatoes)
Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb
1 to 1 1/2 Cup Shredded 2% Mozzarella Cheese
2/3 Tblsp. Reduced Fat Feta Cheese or Fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano (if desired)

Spread sauce on crust. Top with 1/4 to 1/2 of the Mozzarella Cheese. Add meat toppings, then veggie toppings. Sprinkle Mrs. Dash and also remaining cheese(s) over the top.  Don't be afraid to load up this pizza! I pile on tons of chopped veggies & meat!

Bake at 450 degrees on pizza or cookie sheet for 8-12 minutes or until toppings are browned and cheese melted.

Remove from Oven and let sit for about 3 minutes before slicing. 

Below are some products I use in this recipe. Click photo to view nutritional information for each.


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Spaghetti Squash & Chicken:  

This started as a "my meal" while everyone else had lasagna.  Bill took a bite and loved it! It's now a whole-family meal! 

-- A note about Spaghetti Squash: While most everyone will suggest it as a replacement for pasta... it is NOTHING like pasta. But it is very tasty.

My Recipe...

1 Spaghetti Squash
1 Crown of Broccoli
1 Crown of Cauliflower (Orange if you can find it!)
2 Cups Shredded Chicken
1 Cup Serrano Cilantro Salsa (see products below)
1/8 to 1/4 Cup shredded 2% Cheddar Cheese

Cut spaghetti squash in half, lengthwise, place in a microwave safe bowl open side down and cover with plastic wrap. Microwave for 7-10 minutes (the longer you cook it the softer - more pasta-like - the "strands" become).  Allow to cool slightly (so you don't burn yourself when you touch it). 

Chop Broccoli and Cauliflower. Place in Large Ziploc Steamer Bag and add some Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb (or whichever flavor you prefer). Microwave for the time specified on bag.

Reheat shredded chicken. 

Shred the squash with a fork (forming spaghetti-like strands). Scoop into a bowl. Add the broccoli and cauliflower. Add Chicken. Add salsa and mix it up.  Top with a sprinkling of cheese.

Below are some products I used in this recipe. Click photo to view nutritional information for each.

Click to view nutritional information for Spaghetti Squash!

You can find additional Spaghetti Squash recipes here.

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This is a great meal that the whole family enjoys!  When I'm being carb-conscious at night, I make this for the family, then I do a spaghetti squash for me (replacing the pasta with the squash, but using the same meat & sauce).

My Recipe...

1 pound extra lean ground beef (at least 96% lean) - 99% Lean Ground Turkey or other lean meat (or clean meat substitute) of choice can be substituted.
1 package Ronzini Healthy Harvest Thin Spaghetti or Quinoa Pasta or Corn Pasta
1 jar Classico Spicy Tomato & Basil sauce or Ragu Mushroom sauce (or make your own! see below)
1 cup chopped zucchini
1/2 cup chopped onion (optional)
1 8oz package sliced crimini mushrooms

Boil the pasta according to directions & drain. (tip - I've found that if I cook whole wheat pasta a bit longer than called for, it's softer and more like "regular" pasta, but corn or quinoa pasta should NOT be overcooked!)
Brown the meat. If you're using Turkey, Chicken or Pork, add 1-2 tblsp olive oil to the pan, otherwise the meat will dry out too much.
Sautee mushrooms in 1-2 tblsp olive or coconut oil.
Combine the meat, mushrooms, sauce, zucchini & onion. (I do not cook the zucchini and onion, but you can if you want). Pour over the pasta.

Serve with a salad made of 1/2 baby spinach and 1/2 lettuce of choice plus whatever veggies you want to throw on there. Instead of dressing, squeeze a lemon over your salad.

MAKE YOUR OWN SAUCE - I toss 1 lg can of Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Crushed Tomatoes with 1 regular size can of Muir Glen Organic No Salt Added Tomato Sauce, then add sea-salt, Mrs Dash Tomato & Basil, olive oil, fresh garlic, and whatever else I feel like. :-)  I'd love to eventually make my own sauce from scratch, but I'm not there yet.

side by side comparison of the dish prepared with spaghetti and as spaghetti squash:

Calories:  407
Fat:  6.6g
Cholesterol: 65mg
Sodium:  635mg 
Carbohydrates:  56.5g
Fiber:  9.6g
Protein:  34.3g
Click to view nutritional information for Spaghetti Squash!
Calories:  269
Fat:  6.1g
Cholesterol: 65mg
Sodium:  663mg 
Carbohydrates:  24.6g
Fiber:  5.8g
Protein:  29.3g

comparison of the dish prepared with spaghetti and as spaghetti squash - nutritional facts:

96% Lean Ground Beef (cooked without oil) - 1/2 cup cooked per person

Spaghetti Sauce - Classico


Whole Wheat Pasta - 1 serving

Crimini Mushrooms -  1/2 cup per person

Raw Zucchini - Chopped 1/4cup per person

Red Onion - Chopped, about a tablespoon per person

96% Lean Ground Beef (cooked without oil) - 1/2 cup cooked per person

Spaghetti Sauce - Classico


1 cup spaghetti squash - cooked

Crimini Mushrooms  -  1/2 cup per person

Raw Zucchini - Chopped 1/4cup per person

Red Onion - Chopped, about a tablespoon per person

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Chicken Tostadas:  

This is a great meal that the whole family enjoys! 

My Recipe...


1 30oz Jar Williams-Sonoma Chili Verde Starter (only sold in stores, not online. Can substitute any green chili salsa of choice)
4 - 6 Chicken Breasts (frozen)

Place Chicken Breasts in crock pot. Add jar of Chili Verde Starter (or green chili sauce/salsa). Cook on High for 4 hours, then low for 2 - 4 more hours. Do not drain. Shred chicken with two forks and return to the "juice".

8 Corn Tortillas
2 Cups Shredded Iceberg Lettuce & 2 Cups Shredded Cabbage (raw) combined
Chopped onion, tomato, etc as desired
Shredded 2% Cheddar Cheese
(I use Athenos reduced fat feta cheese -which I LOVE! - instead of cheddar, Bill and the kids use cheddar)

Bake corn tortillas on cookie sheet (350 degrees) until crispy (but not burnt).

Layer: corn tortilla, lettuce/cabbage, shredded chicken.  Top with onion, tomato, cheese or whatnot. For more fiber, you can add a tablespoon of Rosarita No-Fat Refried Black Beans, or similar.


In my Sunday food prep, I crockpot a bunch of chicken breasts in low-sodium broth, then shred the chicken, drain the broth, and add a jar of green chili salsa.  This is then stored in the fridge for use in wraps, tostadas, tacos, salads or whatever.  Sometimes I simply shred the chicken then store it in the "crockpot juice" for use as needed. In this case, I simply drain the "juice", then add the salsa and microwave it to heat it through. Voila! Dinner is ready!


Below are some products I used in this recipe. Click photo to view nutritional information for each.

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Chicken Wrap:  

My Recipe...

1 Whole Wheat Low-Carb Tortilla
1 Tblsp. Dijon Mustard
1/2 to 1 Cup Baby Spinach
1/2 Cup Shredded Chicken.

Spread dijon on tortilla, fill with spinach and chicken. Wrap.

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Blueberry Protein Waffles:  

My Recipe...

1 cup fresh blueberries
2 scoops protein powder
Bisquick Heart Smart (plus the egg/oil, etc for the waffle recipe on the box.)

Make waffle batter according to Bisquick package, adding in 2 scoops of protein powder. Once mixed, add the berries and stir until combined. Make waffles!

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Recipe for fresh beets, crock pot. Healthy recipes for weight loss.

Crockpot Beets:  

My Recipe...

1 - 2 cup fresh beets (I mix golden & red, or whatever my supermarket has)
1-2 tblsp olive oil
Pepper & Sea Salt (to taste)
1 cup broth

Wash beets. Place a large piece of parchment paper on the counter. Add broth to crockpot. Put beets in center of parchment, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle on pepper & sea salt. Bringing the sides of the paper together, twist the top and place the bundle in the crockpot (no, the paper won't dissolve in the broth - no worries).

Cook on high for 4-5 hours or until the beets are tender and easily pierced.  Allow to cool, then with a sharp knife, peel the skins off the beets (they should literally peel right off, like a boiled potato). Either serve, or place in containers for later meals.

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Buffalo Chili - Recipe 1:  

My Recipe... (also see my own homemade recipe here)

2 lb Lean Ground Buffalo (I get mine at whole foods from the butcher counter, but Frys and other stores carry it in 1lb pkgs in the meat dept.)
1 jar Chili Starter (I use Williams-Sonoma, Texas Chili Starter, if you can't find that one, look for one that's LOW in sodium)
3 cans tri-color beans (a combo of red-kidney, white pinto, and black beans) or 3 cans of any variety of beans you want to use.

Brown the buffalo and drain (I add about 2 tsp dehydrated onion and 1tsp Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb to my meat as I'm cooking it). Place cooked meat in crockpot. Add the contents of 3 cans of beans (drained and rinsed), and 1 jar of chili starter plus 1 cup water. Stir together, and cook on high for 2 hours, or low for 5-7 hours.

As is typical with chili, the longer it simmers, the better it tastes, but this chili is wonderful whether it's cooked for an hour or eight! And the leftovers are terrific on top of a baked potato!

Note: Buffalo is naturally lower in fat than beef, without losing any of the flavor.
Note 2: Chili is very high in sodium. This recipe, as I prepare it, finishes with less than 500mg sodium per cup of chili.... it's really important to find a chili starter that is LOW in sodium. Reduce the sodium content further by rinsing the beans WELL before adding to the crockpot. As always, read the labels to be sure you know what you're getting.

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Stuffed Peppers:  

My Recipe...

1 lb Lean Ground Buffalo or Beef
4 large peppers (I like to use the red ones because they're sweeter) - discard tops and clean out the peppers.
1 8oz pkg crimini or baby bella mushrooms
1 green onions
1/4 cup reduced fat feta cheese
1 small zucchini
2 cups cooked brown rice
Steamer Bags (4)

Brown the meat, season with salt/pepper (light on the salt) or Mrs Dash and dehydrated onion if desired. Drain.

Chop the mushrooms & zucchini really fine. Chop onions. Add the veggies to the meat & mix. Add brown rice and mix together. You can add the feta into this mixture or use it to top everything off. 

Stuff the peppers with the meat mixture. Place one pepper in each steamer bag.

When ready to cook, pop steamer bag in microwave and nuke for 3-4 minutes. Let rest 1 minute. Voila!

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Easy Stir Fry:  

Tabitha Citro's Recipe...

1 lb Extra Lean Ground Turkey (or Buffalo, Chicken or Beef - as long as it's EXTRA LEAN)
1 bag Broccoli Slaw (produce section of grocery store - includes:
Shredded broccoli stems, carrots and red cabbage)
1 cup diced peppers (I use green, yellow, red and orange)
1 green onion, chopped
Low Sodium Soy Sauce
Brown Rice

Add 2 bags of Success Brown Rice (boil-in-bags) to water plus 1-cup low sodium chicken broth. Cook according to directions on box.

Brown the meat, season with sea-salt/pepper or Mrs Dash and dehydrated onion if desired. Drain and set aside.
Add Broccoli slaw & peppers to pan, lightly season with Mrs Dash. Cover pan and allow to steam for about 3 minutes.
Add meat back into pan and splash in soy sauce (about 1/8 cup). Cover again and steam for another 2-3 minutes.
Serve over brown rice.

Makes 6 servings.


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Grilled Steak Tacos:  

Chipotle Flank Steak Tacos With Pineapple Salsa

· 12 soft corn tortillas
· 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon chipotle chili powder plus 1 pinch, divided
1 teaspoon Kosher salt, divided
1 pound flank steak beef, trimmed of fat
1 pineapple, peeled, cored, and cut into 1/2-inch-thick rings (you can use canned pineapple rings, but fresh always tastes better)
1 red bell pepper, finely diced
1/2 cup minced red onion
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
2 tablespoons red-wine vinegar


1.   Preheat grill to high. Stack tortillas and wrap in heavy-duty foil. Combine oil, 1 teaspoon chipotle powder, and 1/2 teaspoon salt in a small dish. Rub mixture into both sides of steak. Place the tortilla stack on the coolest part of the grill or upper warming rack, if possible, and heat, flipping once, until warmed through and very pliable.

2.   Meanwhile, grill the steak for 4 to 6 minutes per side for medium, or until desired doneness. Grill pineapple rings until moderately charred, 1 to 2 minutes per side. Remove the tortillas, steak, and pineapple from the grill. Let the steak rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing very thinly crosswise into strips.

3.   Meanwhile, dice the pineapple and transfer to a medium bowl. Add bell pepper, onion, cilantro, vinegar, the remaining pinch of chipotle powder, and the remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt; toss to combine. Serve the sliced steak in the warm tortillas with the pineapple salsa.

Makes 6 servings.

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Buffalo Wrap:  

My Recipe...

1 package Buffalo Medallion (2 medallions)
Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (I use Bronco Bob's brand)
1/2 cucumber, peeled & cut into thin sticks
1 can low-sodium artichoke bottoms, drained and sliced into sticks
1 bag coleslaw mix (the kind that is just the shredded cabbage & carrots - no mayo, etc., just veggies)
1 red pepper, cut into thin sticks
Spicy brown mustard
Sprouted sunflower seeds (You can find these at Sprouts or Whole Foods, or most organic grocery stores)
Reduced-Fat Feta Cheese
Tortillas (I use Red Chili Tortillas from Whole Foods... very yummy plus low carb/fat/sodium)

Marinate Buffalo steaks in raspberry chipotle sauce for 30 min.
Grill Buffalo to med/rare. Allow to rest 10 min. before slicing thinly.

Lay a tortilla on your cutting board. Drizzle with spicy brown mustard. Sprinkle coleslaw mix over the tortilla. Place a few cucumber, artichoke bottom and red pepper sticks down the center of the tortilla. Sprinkle 1-2 tblsp sprouted seeds over the tortilla. Add 4-6 slices of buffalo, then sprinkle with about 1 tblsp of feta. Roll up your wrap, cut in half and serve.  I make a few ahead of time and put them in ziploc sandwich bags to toss in my cooler.



Bison Steak (Buffalo), Very lean, healthy with high protein and low sodium  Bronco Bob's Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce  

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Buffalo Tacos/Tostadas:  

My Recipe...

2 pounds ground LEAN Buffalo (I buy mine from the meat counter at Whole Foods because it's lower in fat and Zero Sodium, unlike the pre-packaged ground buffalo)
Mrs Dash Extra Spicy
Taco Shells / Tostadas (I use white corn tortillas or Ezekiel sprouted corn tortillas and bake them)
Cole Slaw Bag (shredded cabbage)
Onion, chopped
Fat Free refried beans or refried black beans
2% Shredded Cheddar, or Reduced Fat Feta
Sprouted Sunflower Seeds

Season & brown the bison. Bake the tortillas until crispy, or heat up your packaged taco/tostada shells. Layer beans, bison, and veggies into your taco shell or tostada.

I love the nutty flavor the seeds give it.  :-)


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Packed Grilled Chicken Salad:  

My Recipe...

1 Chicken breast, grilled (from Sunday's food prep, marinated before cooking in Bronco Bob's Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce). Slice and/or dice the chicken, place in a baggie (you can substitute any of the meats you prepared on Sunday for this salad, or you can add a handful of cooked shrimp - I buy the bag of frozen cooked med. size shrimp, then pull out 8 and place in a baggie, toss it in my cooler, and if it's not defrosted by lunch, just run cold water through the bag for a minute or two and they'll be ready).
1 large handful of baby spinach leaves, place in a baggie.
1 large handful of shredded cabbage, place in same baggie as spinach. Seal.
1 baggie - fill with chopped red pepper, yellow pepper, carrots, mushrooms, cucumber, zucchini, etc.
1 baggie with 1 chopped green onion
1 baggie with 8 cherry tomatoes
1 baggie with 1tblsp reduced fat feta cheese and 1tblsp sprouted sunflower seeds
1 Annie Chun's Rice Express, steamed multi grain rice, or brown rice (you'll be using half the container).
1 lemon

Toss all bags in your cooler.
At lunchtime, just layer... spinach/cabbage then veggies, then meat, then onion & tomato, feta, seeds, etc. Cook rice according to package (1 minute in microwave) and place half in the center of your salad. Squeeze 1/4 to 1/2 lemon over the whole thing and enjoy!


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Breakfast Wrap:  

My Recipe...

2 Hard Boiled Eggs
1 Tortilla (I use the Red Chili Tortilla from Whole Foods)
1/4 cup baby spinach
Shredded cabbage
Taco Sauce
1 sliced green onion
Slices of cucumber, red pepper, green pepper
2tblsp chopped raw zucchini
1tblsp reduced fat feta cheese
1tblsp sprouted sunflower seeds

Slice eggs.
Lay tortilla flat and drizzle taco sauce over it. Layer spinach leaves and sprinkle over them. Add egg slices, then veggies, cheese & seeds. Drizzle more taco sauce over top. Roll up and place in ziploc baggie.

To add more protein, I add a couple slices of grilled pork or buffalo (from Sunday's food prep).
To add adjust fat, I add a couple slices of avocado, and reduce it down to 1 egg, or simply remove the egg yolks from both eggs.

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Easy Pizzas:  

My Recipe...  ready in 10 minutes!!

1 Arnold's Whole Wheat sandwich rounds (avail at Safeway & other grocery stores)
2% shredded mozzarella
Reduced Fat Feta
Sprouted Sunflower Seeds
Chopped (not sliced) Veggies (your choice): raw zucchini, red & yellow pepper, mushroom, cherry tomatoes (quartered), onion, baby spinach (shredded or chopped), kalamata olives (or olive of choice)
Protein (your choice): Reduced sodium turkey pepperoni, chopped pork, chicken, beef, buffalo
Low Sodium Pizza Sauce
Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb (or whatever variety you like)

Preheat oven to 425.  Open sandwich thin. Place both halves on a foil lined baking sheet. 
Spread 1tsp of sauce over the top of each piece. Sprinkle 1-2 tblsp of mozzarella. Layer your protein/meat, then your veggies and seeds (if desired). Top with 1 tsp of feta or mozzarella and sprinkle lightly with Mrs Dash.

Bake in oven for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and enjoy!

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Fast Breakfast:  

My Recipe...  ready in 5 minutes!!

2 individual cups of Egg Beaters (or the equivalent of 4 eggs if you're using the large container)
1 bag Kashi Fiery Fiesta Rice
Reduced fat Feta cheese

Microwave the Kashi for 60 seconds (remember to tear open the corner so it doesn't blow up)
In a bowl, pour eggbeaters. Add 1/2 cup of the Kashi rice and stir.
Microwave for 3-4 minutes.  Top with a sprinkle of reduced-fat feta cheese.


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Crock Pot Shredded Beef:  

My Recipe... 

1 flank steak
1.5 - 2cups Salsa
1/2 cup water

Cook on high 5 hours, then reduce to low for another 2-3 hours. Do not drain.
Once meat is cooked, using 2 forks, shred the beef.

Tortillas/Pitas (if desired)
Shredded cabbage
Chopped veggies
Cheese for topping (reduced-fat feta, crumbled bleu cheese, reduced fat cheddar)

You can use meat to make wraps, pitas, or to top a salad. I put it on top of shredded cabbage, chopped zucchini, red & yellow peppers, mushrooms, green onion, sprouted sunflower seeds... whatever veggies are on hand. Then I sprinkle either reduced fat feta or crumbled bleu cheese over the top (everyone else in the family uses cheddar).

You can also throw it all on top of a baked potato if you like, instead of making a wrap, pita or salad.

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Buffalo Salad:  

My Recipe... 

1 small Buffalo steak, grilled & sliced (I grill it on my Foreman Grill, with Raspberry Chipotle sauce... see below) [This is part of the food prep I do on Sundays so the meat is already grilled, sliced and packaged in the fridge for when I need it]
1-2 cups baby spinach and shredded cabbage
1/4 to 1/2 cup chopped veggies (I use red pepper, raw zucchini, cucumber)
Cherry tomatoes
1-2 tblsp sprouted sunflower seeds
1-2 tblsp reduced fat feta cheese
Juice of half a lemon.

Layer spinach & cabbage, then veggies. Sprinkle on the feta & seeds, add tomatoes. Squeeze lemon over everything, then top with the sliced buffalo.  Enjoy!

Chelle's Buffalo Salad - Recipes for Healthy weight loss and maintenance.

Bronco Bob's Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

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Standard Lunch:  

My Recipe... 

1 serving protein (either grilled pork tenderloin or a chicken breast or whatever I've prepped)
1 serving veggies (prepped on sunday)
1 serving carb
1 serving fat

This is part of my Keep it Simple routine. 

Protein:  Sunday, when I food prep, I place individual portions in baggies. Example: 1 grilled or crockpot chicken breast.

Veggie: Sunday, I chop veggies and place them in individual Ziploc steamer bags & add a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash.

Carb: Grab a container of Annie Chun's Rice Express. One serving is half the container. I know it doesn't look like much, but it is really filling.

Fat: 1/2 an avocado or a stick of string cheese, or a handful of almonds.

That's it! Super easy! Just toss a protein baggie, a steamer bag and a container of rice in the cooler and there it is! At lunchtime, toss the veggies in (usually 3.5min), then toss in the rice (1min), then the protein (1min if you need to, I generally don't heat up my protein). Dump it all on a plate and in less than 7minutes your lunch is ready.   :-)


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Oatmeal / Standard Breakfast:  

My Recipe...  Oatmeal with Protein Powder and Ground Flax - Nutritional Info

1 packet instant oatmeal (plain, and check for low sodium)  or 1/2 cup dry quick oats
1 scoop protein powder (I use Beverly Ultimate Muscle Protein, Vanilla because it's effective and it tastes great!)
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tblsp ground flax seed
OPTIONAL: 1/2 cup Blueberries (or other fruit)

This is also part of my Keep it Simple routine.

Stir ingredients together in a bowl. Add water, stir again (add more water if needed). Microwave for 1 minute. Add a half cup of fresh berries if you like.  Stir.

This recipe can be prepped ahead of time, see the Food Plan page for details.


Places to buy Beverly's protein:






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Crock Pot Barbecue Beef  

My Recipe... 

1 beef roast (as lean as possible, cut off any extra fat)
2 bottles barbecue sauce (low sugar, low sodium)

Place meat in crockpot, add 1 bottle of sauce and cook on high for 4 hours. Drain "juice", add 1/2 bottle of sauce, and cook on low for another 1-2 hours until meat reaches desired tenderness.

Remove from crockpot, shred or chunk, and add remaining sauce. Serve with Sweet Potato Oven Fries and a green salad.


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Sweet Potato Oven Fries  

The Eat Clean Diet for Family & Kids by Tosca Reno has a recipe for clean sweet potato fries (pg272). It's wonderful!


2 large size sweet potatoes, skin on, well scrubbed (I used one yam and one sweet potato, so my fries were orange and white)
1.25 Tbsp Olive oil
4 cloves garlic, passed through a garlic press
1/2 tsp sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1 Tbsp dried oregano, crumbled
1 Tbsp fresh rosemary, chopped

Preheat oven to 450F/232C. Cut the potatoes into finger-like wedges. Place them in a bowl and toss with the rest of the ingredients.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Place the sweet potato wedges on the sheet so the pieces remain separate from each other.

Bake for 30 minutes or until wedges develop a golden color.


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Easy Tomato Soup  

Women's Health Magazine offered this terrific recipe for homemade in a hurry tomato soup in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue. It's super low in sodium (just 43mg!!), so feel free to toss in some sea salt and cracked pepper to spice it up a bit. It was a bit bland, for our taste, so we did add some sea salt. The texture was wonderful, very creamy and smooth. I used a handheld mixer to puree it right in the pan. This recipe got a thumbs-up all around in my house.

Further adjustment... 3/16/10... I replaced the thyme with fresh basil, and the no-salt added diced tomatoes with Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted diced tomatoes.  The results were incredible! No additional sea-salt was needed in the recipe, and my hubby didn't add salt himself! Victory! :-)

Recipe...  by Kerry Neville, R.D.

Prep time: 5 minutes  - Cook time: 25 minutes

1 tsp olive oil
1 small onion or shallot, diced
2 cloves garlic, chopped (or 1 tsp jarred chopped garlic)
2 Tbsp no-salt-added tomato paste
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp thyme
1 bay leaf
2 cans (14.5 oz each) no-salt-added diced tomatoes, including juice
1/4 c fat-free milk
2 Tbsp plain nonfat Greek-style yogurt

1. Heat olive oil in medium saucepan. Cook onion and garlic until soft, about 5 minutes. Add tomato paste, sugar, thyme, bay leaf, tomatoes, and 2 cups water. Stir together and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer about 20 minutes.

2. Remove bay leaf. Use a handheld blender to puree the soup in the saucepan, or transfer soup to a food processor or blender. Puree until smooth. (If you're using a standard blender, allow the mixture to cool first; hot liquid may cause the blender to squirt out contents. Depending on the size of your blender, you may have to do this in batches.)

3. Heat milk in microwave for 30 seconds to warm, and then stir it into the pureed soup along with yogurt. Mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste, and serve.

Makes 4 servings. Per serving: 76 cal, 1.5 g fat (0.2 g sat), 14 g carbs, 43 mg sodium, 3 g fiber, 3 g protein


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Won-Ton Chips/Crackers  

Clean Eating Magazine had a recipe for won-ton chips made with homemade won ton wrappers. (wrapper recipe here: PDF).   Since I don't have time to make my own won-tons, I use store bought wrappers instead. I've made these several times and always get asked for the recipe. They're really good with salsa, hummus, even "refried" black beans, or just plain!

My Recipe... 

Preheat oven to 350.

1 package small won-ton wrappers (usually in the organic refrigerated section)
Olive oil / Flavored olive oil
Sea Salt (I use fleur de sel - flaky sea salt) or Mrs Dash
Fresh cracked/ground pepper

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Cut wrappers into desired shapes. I usually just do triangles but you can get fancy.  Lightly spray parchment w/ olive oil, lay wrappers on paper, and lightly mist with the oil. Sprinkle seasonings. Bake until golden & crispy.

To store, I just place them in a brown paper bag and they are usually good for a few days to a week.

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Quinoa Salad Recipe

Quinoa Salad  

Consumer Reports Food & Fitness Magazine had a recipe for Asian-Style Quinoa Salad with Chili-Orange Dressing.  I made it and fell in love! They call for you to eat it cold, but I heat mine up. Oh so yummy!

The Recipe...  Pg. 56

Chili-Orange Dressing:
1 tsp finely grated orange zest
1cup freshly squeezed orange juice
1 tblsp reduced-sodium soy sauce
1 tblsp honey
2 tsp sesame oil
1/2 tsp Asian chili sauce or pinch red pepper flakes
Freshly ground black pepper

Quinoa Salad
1 cup uncooked quinoa, rinsed thoroughly
1 (8 oz) can water chestnuts, sliced, drained
1 red bell pepper, seeded & chopped
1 1/2 cups chopped snow peas, cooked until tender, then cooled.
4 green onions, white & light green parts, thinly sliced

1.  Make the dressing: In a small bowl, whisk together orange zest & juice, soy sauce, honey, sesame oil, chili sauce or pepper flakes and pepper, to taste. Set aside.

2. To cook the quinoa, bring 2 cups of water (I used low-sodium nonfat chicken broth) to boil in a pot. Add quinoa in a steady stream, stirring to prevent lumps from forming, and return to a boil. Reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer until tender, about 15 minutes. Look for a white line around the seeds -- it's the germ, and when it bursts, the grain is cooked.  If water remains in the pot, remove lid and stir occasionally until all the liquid evaporates, being careful not to overcook.  You want the quinoa to retain a bit of pleasant chewiness.  Remove from heat and let stand, covered, for 5 minutes.  Fluff with a fork and let cool.

3. In a serving bowl, combine quinoa, water chestnuts, red pepper, snow peas, and green onions. Add dressing and toss until combined. Chill for about an hour.

Below is the nutritional information, as closely as I can calculate it. This is per serving, based on the stated 6 servings per batch. This is a bit high, as I consider a serving to be 1/2 cup (or about 136 g) . This was figured with www.NutritionData.com
Nutritional data for recipe: Quinoa Salad

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Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry  

Women's Health Magazine, Jan/Feb 2010 had this recipe (view page). It was plenty for 3 of us, and then I looked at the recipe and saw it was a serving of 1! Way too much food for one person. The recipe is perfect for 2 with leftovers, or 3 with no leftovers. Also, I prepped the brown rice, veggies & meat (sliced it and put it in a baggie) on Sunday, then we had this on Monday night. It was super fast to put together and very tasty.

The Recipe...  Pg. 74

2 tsp peanut oil
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
2 boneless chicken breasts, cut into strips
1/3 cup asparagus tips
1/3 cup thinly sliced carrots
1/4 medium onion, cut into bite size pieces or strips
1/3 cup frozen snow peas (I used fresh, and added sugar snap peas)
1 Tbsp sliced almonds
1 tsp reduced-sodium soy sauce

Combine peanut oil and red pepper flakes in a hot skillet. Add chicken strips and cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently. Add all remaining ingredients to the pan and cook for another 2-3 minutes, stirring often. Serve over brown rice.

Makes 1 serving. Per serving: 428 cal, 18 g fat (3g sat), 20 g carbs, 505 mg sodium, 7 g fiber, 48 g protein.

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Pineapple Upside-Down Cake  

IBS Cookbook for Dummies by Carolyn Dean, MD ND & L. Christine Wheeler, MA had this recipe on page 218... but it is taken from Raman Prasad and his book Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  This is a safe recipe for those with IBS, Colitis, Crohns...  And it's yummy :-)  I got my pineapple at Whole Foods Market, and knowing my klutziness, I had them cut it for me. The cake itself is pretty thin, but the flavor of the pineapple is just amazing!

The Recipe...  Pg. 218

Prep time 15 min
Cooking time: 30-40 minutes
Yield: 15-20 servings

2 cups almond flour, or more as needed for consistency
3 eggs
4 Tbsp butter, melted (I used fresh, organic)
1/2 cup honey
3/4 tsp organic vanilla extract
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
1/2 pound fresh pineapple, thinly sliced, about 8 slices

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9x12 baking dish

2. Mix the almond flour, eggs, butter, honey, vanilla, and cinnamon by hand or with a hand mixer until smooth. Add more almond flour if necessary to make sure the batter isn't too thin.

3. Layer the pineapple slices on the bottom of the baking dish. Pour in the cake batter and spread it evenly in the pan. Bake the cake for 30-40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

Per serving: calories 180; fat 12.1g (saturated 2.8 g); cholesterol 50mg; sodium 36mg; carbohydrate 20.9 g (fiber 2.4g); protein 5.7g; sugar 10.9g

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Crockpot Apricot Jam / Preserves  Apricot Jam / Preserves made in crockpot

The book The Gourmet Slow Cooker, Volume II by Lynn Alley offers this recipe, and it's fabulous! On a clean eating addenda, I used organic, unsweetened apricots... these are (to my surprise, lol) brown, as there are no sulfites to maintain the color, so my preserves are also brown instead of that lovely orange, but the taste is incredible. These are worth making!

The Recipe...  Pg. 70

Makes about 1 cup

8 ounces dried apricots
2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice
About 1 Tbsp grated orange zest

Combine the apricots, juice and zest in a 2 1/2 or 3-quart slow cooker. Cover and cook on low for about 4 hours, until thick and spoonable.  Preserves will thicken as they cool, but if they need to thicken further, remove the lid, increase the heat to high, and cook for another hour. Refrigerate and use within one week.

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Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies -
Clean Eating Magazine

Sometimes you've just got to have a cookie. Wouldn't it be great to have one that's low in sugar, flour-free, and tastes amazing?? Here it is!  The March/April 2010 issue of Clean Eating magazine offers this wonderful recipe, plus another (see below) for chocolate cookies. No one will believe these are "clean"!  I used fresh unsalted almond butter, and there are so many great nut-butters available that I plan on trying them all! :-)

NOTE:  If you haven't already subscribed, this is a magazine worth getting! And you can buy back issues! :-) Check out their website for info... http://www.cleaneatingmag.com

The Recipe...  Pg. 98

Makes about 24 small cookies

1-Cup Unsalted almond butter, stirred well
3/4 Cup Sucanat
1 large egg
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp sea salt
3 oz dark chocolate (70% or greater), broken into small pieces.

ONE:  Preheat oven to 350
° F.  In a medium bowl, stir together the first 5 ingredients until blended. Stir in chocolate.

TWO:  Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls onto parchment-lined baking sheets.  Bake for 10-12 minutes or until lightly browned. Let cool on baking sheets for 5 minutes. Remove to a wire rack and let cool for 15 minutes more.

Nutrients per cookie:
Calories: 110, Total Fat: 8 g, Sat. Fat: 1.5 g, Carbs: 10 g, Fiber: 1 g, Sugars: 3 g, Protein: 2 g, Sodium: 55 mg, Cholesterol: 10 mg


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Chocolaty Goodness Cookies -
Clean Eating Magazine Website

These incredible, chocolaty, fudgey cookies must be tasted to be believed! No flour!

special note: Arrowroot powder is found in the spice section of your grocery store.

The Recipe...  click on photo to view recipe on their website.

Makes about 24 small cookies

Olive Oil cooking spray
6 oz dark bittersweet chocolate, broken up
3 large egg whites
1 1/2 cups Sucanat, divided
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
4 1/2 tsp Arrowroot powder


  1. Preheat oven to 375°F and lightly mist 2 baking sheets with cooking spray.
  2. Place chocolate in a microwavable bowl and heat on high until chocolate melts, approximately 2 minutes, stirring once halfway through. Set aside to cool slightly.
  3. Using an electric mixer on high speed, beat egg whites until they form soft peaks. Gradually beat in 1 cup Sucanat and continue beating until mixture appears creamy. Add vanilla.
  4. In a separate small bowl, combine remaining 1/2 cup Sucanat, cocoa and arrowroot powder, then beat into egg whites on low speed.
  5. Stir in warm chocolate and continue stirring gently until mixture thickens.
  6. Place rounded tablespoons of batter onto prepared baking sheets and bake for 10 minutes. Cool on sheet pans for an additional 10 minutes before transferring to racks to cool completely.

NUTRIENTS per cookie:

  • Calories: 90
  • Total Fat: 3 g
  • Sat. Fat: 1.5 g
  • Carbs: 16 g
  • Fiber: 1 g
  • Sugars: 14 g
  • Protein: 1 g
  • Sodium: 15 mg
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg

LINK:  http://www.cleaneatingmag.com/recipes/ce12_chocolatecookies.html

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Chelle's Clean Eating Taco SaladClean Taco Salad

My family LOVES Taco Salad, so I found a way to make it clean :-) 
(And, mwa-ha-ha, they don't even know!)

special note: Bill and the kids use 2% cheddar and light sour cream and tortilla chips, I use reduced fat feta and fat-free cottage cheese and I skip the chips.

My Recipe... 

2 lb's ground beef or bison or 97-99% lean turkey (to reduce fat further, after cooking, rinse meat in a sieve/colander with warm water, then return to pan, add more seasoning, and re-heat)
Mrs Dash Fiesta Lime or Southwest Chipotle seasoning
1 Can Rosarita Low Fat Refried Black Beans
1 Can low-sodium black beans
Bag of Salad
Shredded Cabbage
Chopped Kale
Light Sour Cream and/or Fat-Free Cottage Cheese
2% shredded Cheddar and/or Reduced fat Feta
Chopped onion (optional)
Tortilla Chips (optional)

Brown ground meat & season. After draining (and rinsing to remove fat), add refried black beans and black beans (rinsed), stir together and heat. 

Set out everything else, and allow everyone to "build" their salads.  Begin with lettuce/salad, and layer from there! This recipe is high in fiber and protein plus has all the veggies & healthy fats to create a very filling and clean meal :-)  Bill and the kids start with a layer of tortilla chips, but I skip them.

Photo of Bill's saladBill's Taco Salad




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My Buffalo ChiliBeans and Tomatoes for the Chili

I was trying to find a cheaper way to make my Buffalo Chili, and this was the result! :-)

special note: Bill and the kids use 2% cheddar and light sour cream to top it, I use lowfat cottage cheese.  Also, because Bill doesn't like "real" onions, I use dehydrated or shallots, but you can easily substitute the real thing.

My Recipe... 

Makes 11 cups of chili.

2 lb's ground beef or bison
3 Cans various beans - drain & rinse well. (I use pinto, black, kidney, & chili or cannelini beans)
2 large cans Muir Glen Organic Crushed Tomatoes (Fire Roasted) - Do not drain
1 Can (14.5 oz) Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted with Chipotle, diced tomatoes - Do not drain
2 tsp dehydrated onion or finely chopped shallot
1-2 Tbsp Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle
1-2 Tbsp Mrs Dash Fiesta Lime (and if you want it hotter, you can use Mrs Dash Spicy)

Brown the meat with the seasoning, drain (if there's a lot of grease, run hot water over the meat in a sieve/colander to really reduce the fat).
Drain all the beans & rinse well (this will drastically reduce the sodium)
Put beans & meat in crockpot, add the 2 large cans of crushed tomatoes (don't drain), onion/shallot, spices and stir.  Cook on Low for 4-6 hours, or High for 2 hours.

I don't add any extra liquid, and it's really saucy. The leftovers are great, too! Toss on pasta, or a salad, or spaghetti squash, or potato, or in a tortilla... lol, very versatile! :-)


Nutritional Information (this is for the recipe made with Beef):
Recipe makes 11 cups of chili.  1 cup serving = 332 calories; 33.8 g carbs; 9.4 g fiber; 35 g protein; 643 mg sodium; 8.3 g sugar; 5.1 g fat.

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Clean Microwave PopcornReal microwave popcorn for clean eating and healthy living. Great snack for people trying to lose or maintain weight. High in antioxidant polyphenols!

The gals on the Tosca Reno Clean Eating forum turned me onto this terrific way to make popcorn. My whole family (except Bill who doesn't like popcorn) LOVES the movie theatre style so-bad-for-you popcorn. This has replaced it! The kids love this, Bill even enjoys it! It's my favorite late night gotta-have-something treat! Worried about the fat in the coconut oil? Don't! It's good for you!

The Recipe... 

1/3 cup popcorn kernels (check the label, the only ingredient should be corn)
2 Tbsp melted coconut oil
Sea Salt (I use Fleur de sel for this since it's got a really delicate flakey texture, very subtle)
Any other seasoning of choice (Mrs Dash, Pepper, or if you want to do kettle-corn, you can add some sucanat to the salt)
Brown paper lunch bag

Put the popcorn in a brown paper lunch bag. Fold the top over once or twice. Place in the microwave and nuke just until you hear the popping slow (don't wait for it to stop, it'll scorch - yuck!).
Put the 2 Tbsp coconut oil in a big bowl and microwave for 15-20 seconds to liquefy the coconut oil. Now dump in the popcorn, sprinkle your sea salt & any other seasoning, and toss well. Uber yum!

Variations!  After adding the coconut (or olive oil, if you prefer... you can even use real butter)
Vanilla protein powder - add a scoop to your popped kernels
Vanilla protein powder & Sea-Salt
Vanilla protein powder & Cinnamon & Sea-Salt
Sucanat (Sugar Cane Natural) and Cinnamon
Sucanat (Sugar Cane Natural) and Sea-Salt
Mrs Dash - Any Flavor

Note... popcorn was contains high levels of healthy plant antioxidants called polyphenols. This is GOOD! :-) You can google for news about this discovery, or read about it here.


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Maple Soy Glazed BeefMaple-Soy Glazed Beef

This is from Cooking Light Magazine.
The original flank steak recipe, I cooked on my Foreman Grill, rather than broiling it (I lost my broiler pan in the move, lol). I've further adapted it for use on a roast in the oven.

The Recipe... 

Prep Time: 40 minutes
Yield: 4 servings (serving size: 3 ounces)

1 (1-pound) flank steak, trimmed
1/4 cup less-sodium soy sauce
3 tablespoons maple syrup
2 tablespoons sake or dry sherry
2 teaspoons dark sesame oil
1 teaspoon Sriracha (Asian hot chile sauce)
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
Cooking spray

1. Preheat broiler. [or Foreman Grill]

2. Pierce steak gently on both sides. Combine steak and next 6 ingredients (through pepper) in a shallow dish; turn to coat. Marinate at room temperature 20 minutes, turning occasionally.

3. Remove steak from marinade, reserving marinade. Place steak on a broiler pan coated with cooking spray. Pour marinade into a small skillet; bring to a boil, stirring well. Cook over medium-high heat 3 minutes or until thick and syrupy.

4. Brush steak with half of glaze; broil 5 minutes. Turn steak over, and brush with remaining glaze; broil 5 minutes or until desired degree of doneness. Place steak on a cutting board; let stand 5 minutes. Cut steak diagonally across grain into thin slices.

Kitchen Notes: Maple syrup has a vanilla-caramel flavor; do not substitute pancake syrup.

Nutritional Information
Calories: 232
Fat: 9.1g (sat 3.2g,mono 3.6g,poly 1.2g)
Protein: 23.4g
Carbohydrate: 11.9g
Fiber: 0.2g
Cholesterol: 45mg
Iron: 2mg
Sodium: 580mg
Calcium: 25mg
Laraine Perri, Cooking Light, MARCH 2010

This recipe can be found on the web at: http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=1963964


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Maple Syrup Crockpot BeansMaple Syrup Crockpot Beans

This is from Eat Clean Cookbook by Tosca Reno.
The original recipe called for yellow-eye beans which are non-existent in my area. I used great northern beans and the dish turned out wonderfully.

The Recipe... 

2 cups dry Great Northern Beans
1 medium onion, chopped.
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp dried mustard
½ tsp ground ginger
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp dried thyme
½ cup molasses
1 cup pure maple syrup

1.       1.  Soak beans overnight in plenty of water.

2.       2.  The next day, discard the water and rinse beans. Add fresh water. Bring to a boil.
         Continue to boil until tender (about an hour). The skins will begin to curl up when they’re done.

3.       3.  Drain beans, reserving 2 cups of the cooking liquid.

4.       4.  Place half the beans in the crockpot. Sprinkle half the onion over the beans.
         Drizzle half the olive oil over the top. Repeat with remaining beans, onion and olive oil.

5.       5.  Mix 1 cup of the cooking liquid with maple syrup and add to beans.

6.       6.  Put mustard, ginger, salt, thyme and molasses in a small bowl.
         Add remaining 1 cup of cooking liquid and mix well with a wire whisk.
         Pour this mixture over the top of the beans. They should be just covered with the liquid.

7.       7.  Cook, covered for several hours. Remove the lid and cook for 30 minutes more. Serve hot.


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Lemon-Rosemary Mini MuffinsRecipe, Lemon-Rosemary mini muffins from www.ElanasPantry.com. Gluten free, sugar free.

This is from www.ElanasPantry.com, one of my favorite recipe sources. An added benefit is that these wonderful muffins are both gluten free and diabetic friendly! 

I made several substitutions, as noted below the recipe.

The Recipe... 

¼ cup coconut flour
½ teaspoon celtic sea salt (I used regular fine ground sea-salt)
½ teaspoon baking soda
2 eggs
¼ cup agave nectar
¼ cup grapeseed oil (I used coconut oil)
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, chopped
1 tablespoon lemon zest, packed and heaping

1.     In a large bowl, combine coconut flour, salt and baking soda

2.     In a smaller bowl, blend together eggs, agave and oil

3.     Blend wet ingredients into dry, then blend in rosemary and lemon zest

4.     Scoop batter 1 tablespoon at a time into greased mini muffin tins

5.     Bake at 350° for 7-8 minutes

6.     Cool then remove from muffin tins and serve


Chelle’s notes…

·          Celtic Sea Salt: I don’t purchase Celtic Sea Salt because it’s very expensive. Instead I buy the best available for the lowest price. Any fine-ground sea-salt will do.

·          Agave Nectar: Because of the contradicting data on the benefits of agave (regarding the glycemic index) I often use honey instead (which, if local, offers the additional benefit of improving your immunity to local allergens). Agave and Honey can be used interchangeably. By using Agave or Honey, these muffins are considered Sugar-Free.

·          Grapeseed Oil:  I am currently replacing my cooking oils with coconut oil for the health benefits it offers. Coconut oil keeps these muffins very moist.

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Coconut Oil FudgeDark Chocolate fudge made with coconut oil and honey

This is from www.TheNourishingGourmet.com.  I substituted honey for the coconut/palm sugar since it is not readily available to me. These are wonderful, but must be kept chilled to maintain solidity. At room temperature, this makes an incredible frosting!!  One thing I do is to take the un-set fudge and put a bit in mini muffin liners and chill. It's the perfect size for a decadent dark chocolate treat! :-)

The Recipe.

     1/2 cup of virgin coconut oil
     1/2 cup of cocoa powder
     1/2 cup of coconut/palm sugar (the paste like kind) [I used honey] - see note below
     dash of sea salt
     1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1-In a heat resistant, glass measuring cup (pyrex), place the coconut oil. Fill a small saucepan with a few inches of water, and place the glass measuring cup in it. Heat on the stove top until the coconut oil is mostly melted (the coconut oil should be room temperature, not hot. This will protect its raw benefits).

2-In a food processor using the regular blade, add the melted coconut oil and the rest of the ingredients and mix until well combined.

3-Place enough plastic wrap or parchment paper in a loaf pan to cover the bottom and sides of the pan. Scrape your fudge “dough” into the loaf pan, and fold the plastic wrap or parchment paper over the top of the fudge. Gently press down, to even out the thickness of the fudge (you want it to be about 1/2 inch thick, it will cover probably about 1/2 of the bottom of your loaf pan). Take out the fudge, carefully wrapped up, and place in the freezer or refrigerator until it has set up. In the freezer it only takes about 20- to 30 minutes.

4-Cut into small squares, and enjoy!

Nutritional Information:  I've started using an 8x8 pyrex (instead of a loaf pan), then cut my tray into 5 rows of 5 pieces = 25 pieces. This data is per piece. 
Calories: 69; Total Fat: 5g; Sat Fat 4g (remember, this is coconut oil and the healthy sat fat!); Cholesterol: 0; Sodium: 5mg; Total Carb: 7g; Dietary Fiber: 1g; Sugars 6g; Protein: 1g.

Nutritional information for coconut oil fudge

Chelle’s notes…

·          Palm Sugar: Because this is an expensive product, not readily available, I substituted honey. You can also substitute agave nectar, or to give the fudge a richer flavor, you can use pure maple syrup.

·          To use as a “frosting” allow the fudge to return to room temperature.


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Peanut Butter Coconut Oil FudgePeanut Butter Chocolate Coconut Oil Fudge recipe

This is from a blog I discovered online.  I substituted honey for the coconut/palm sugar since it is not readily available to me. These are wonderful, but must be kept chilled to maintain solidity. At room temperature, this makes an incredible frosting!!  One thing I do is to take the un-set fudge and put a bit in mini muffin liners and chill. It's the perfect size for a decadent dark chocolate treat! :-)

The Recipe.

1/2 cup butter (see note below)
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup honey (or less)
1 cup cocoa powder
1 cup peanut butter
1/2 tsp sea salt

Gently melt all ingredients in a pot over the stove, pour into greased 13x9 pan. Place in refrigerator until hard. Cut into squares and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Nutritional Information:  I cut my tray into 10 rows of 5 = 50 pieces. Nutrition info is per piece, and based on my substitutions... no butter, full cup of oil.
Calories: 126. Total fat: 10g. Sat Fat: 5g. Sodium 20mg. Carb: 6g. Dietary Fiber: 1g. Sugar: 3g. Protein: 3g.
Nutritional information for peanut butter coconut oil fudge.

Chelle’s notes…

·          Butter: When I made this recipe I did not use butter, instead I used a full cup of coconut oil.

·          Temperature: To “set” the fudge, place in the fridge. To use as a “frosting” allow the fudge to return to room temperature. This has a great peanut buttery taste. You can substitute almond butter (or any other nut butter) to get different flavors.


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Coconut Orange White FudgeCoconut orange white fudge recipe

This is from www.TheNourishingGourmet.com

The Recipe.

1 cup coconut butter

1 teaspoon coconut oil
1-2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon orange or lemon rind


Add coconut butter to food processor and chop up into fine chunks. Melt coconut oil (not too hot) and add to food processor while spinning. Slowly add honey and extract/rind. Taste as you go to achieve desired sweetness.

Place waxed paper on cookie sheet. Scoop mixture onto paper and spread thinly (1/3 -1/2 inch) and  put pan in refrigerator to chill. Take out and cut into small 1/2 inch squares. Peel off paper and store in airtight container in the refrigerator.

*Original Recipe source:  Cooking to Heal.


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Recipe: Chocolate Coconut protein bitesChocolate Coconut Protein Bites

This is from a great online source for coconut oil recipes

The Recipe.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder

  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil, solid

  • 2 teaspoons raw honey

  • 1 teaspoon coconut peanut butter or other nut butter of choice

  • 1/2 cup unsweetened dried coconut flakes

  • 1/4 cup coconut milk, as needed

Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl until a sticky dough-like consistency has formed. Add a little more protein powder if needed.

Roll into small balls and drizzle with melted chocolate. Refrigerate or freeze until firm.


Chelle’s notes…

·          Coconut Oil, Solid:  At room temperature, coconut oil is in a solid state. At warmer temps it becomes liquid. If your oil is liquidy, just put it in the fridge for a few minutes.

·          Raw Honey: Available at Sprouts, Whole Foods, and other “health food” stores.

·          Coconut Peanut Butter: I used peanut butter.

·          Unsweetened dried coconut flakes: This is important. Most coconut flakes are sweetened (bad sugar). Look for UNSWEETENED. Whole Foods carries unsweetened flakes.


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Chocolate Balsamic Truffles RecipeChocolate Balsamic Truffles

This is from a great online source for coconut oil recipes

The Recipe.

makes approx. 45 truffles
Preparation Time: 10 minutes

  • 8 1/2 ounces dark chocolate (semisweet, bittersweet, or combination) - I use 78% dark

  • 1/4 cup heavy cream

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil

  • 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar

  • cocoa powder

  • shredded coconut for coating

  • other coatings of choice

Pour the heavy cream into a glass bowl set over a pot of simmering water. Turn heat off as soon as you place the bowl on top. Stir in the chocolate and coconut oil in with a rubber spatula.

Once the chocolate has melted, remove bowl from the pot and stir in the balsamic vinegar. Refrigerate the chocolate for 1 hour. Remove from the refrigerator and let sit at room temperature for 1-2 hours, until firm but moldable.

Place coatings of choice into shallow bowls, starting out with about 1/4 cup. Using a teaspoon scoop out measuring teaspoon sized balls of the chocolate. Use your hands to form into tiny balls. Drop the balls into the coatings of choice and roll until coated.

If the truffles are too soft after forming, refrigerate for about 15 minutes, or until a little firmer.

To store, refrigerate overnight and store at room temperature. The truffles will keep for about 1 day at room temperature, or several days in the refrigerator, or weeks/months in the freezer.


Chelle’s notes…

Experiment with different flavors of Balsamic Vinegar. I used Pomegranate Balsamic and it was wonderful!          


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Incredible Brownie recipe, gluten free, sugar free!

Amazing Brownies

These incredible brownies from http://www.elanaspantry.com/brownies/ are both gluten free and sugar-free! No one will believe it! Truly the best brownies! For an additional treat, use one of the coconut oil fudge recipes (at room temperature) as a frosting! Wow!!!

The Recipe.

Chocolate Chip Brownies
1 (16) ounce jar salted almond butter, smooth roasted
2 eggs
1 ¼ cups agave nectar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
½ cup cocoa powder
½ teaspoon celtic sea salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup dark chocolate 73%

In a large bowl, blend almond butter until smooth with a hand blender

Blend in eggs, then blend in agave and vanilla

Blend in cocoa, salt and baking soda, then fold in chocolate chips

Grease a 9 x 13 pyrex baking dish

Pour batter into dish

Bake at 325° for 35-40 minutes. Makes about 24 brownies.

Here's the nutritional data, as closely as I can figure it. This is per brownie.
Nutritional Data for Gluten Free Brownies by ElanasPantry.com

Chelle’s notes…

·          Almond Butter:  This is the base, and the flavor is very neutral. Do not substitute peanut butter unless you want peanut butter flavored brownies. For the regular flavor, use almond butter.

·          Celtic Sea Salt: I don’t purchase Celtic Sea Salt because it’s very expensive. Instead I buy the best available for the lowest price. Any fine-ground sea-salt will do.

·          Agave Nectar: Because of the contradicting data on the benefits of agave (regarding the glycemic index) I often use honey instead (which, if local, offers the additional benefit of improving your immunity to local allergens). Agave and Honey can be used interchangeably. By using Agave or Honey, these muffins are considered Sugar-Free.

·          Grapeseed Oil:  I am currently replacing my cooking oils with coconut oil for the health benefits it offers. The brownies I made all used coconut oil instead of grapeseed.

·          Dark Chocolate:  While her recipe calls for 73% dark, I always use 78% in my recipes. You can choose whichever you prefer.




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Carrot Muffins with Coconut Flour from Elanas PantryCarrot Muffins with Coconut Flour

These delightful mini carrot cakes were a huge hit at our Easter party. I made a batch of cream cheese frosting and let folks add it themselves. The carrot cakes are wonderful with or without frosting! Additionally, they are gluten free! Many thanks to Elanas Pantry for such wonderful recipes!

The Recipe.

Gluten Free Carrot Mini Muffins
¼ cup coconut flour
¼ teaspoon celtic sea salt
¼ teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon, ground
3 eggs
¼ cup grapeseed oil
¼ cup yacon syrup
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 cup carrots, grated
¼ cup currants (I used golden raisins instead)

1.    In a medium bowl, combine coconut flour, salt, baking soda and cinnamon

2.    In a large bowl, blend together eggs, oil, yacon and vanilla

3.    Blend dry ingredients into wet, then fold in carrots and currants

4.    Grease a mini muffin tin with grapeseed oil and then dust with coconut flour

5.    Spoon approximately 1 teaspoon of batter into each greased mini muffin cup

6.    Bake at 350° for 10 minutes

7.    Cool and serve

Chelle’s notes…

·          Celtic Sea Salt: I don’t purchase Celtic Sea Salt because it’s very expensive. Instead I buy the best available for the lowest price. Any fine-ground sea-salt will do.

·          Grapeseed Oil:  I am currently replacing my cooking oils with coconut oil for the health benefits it offers. The muffins I made all used coconut oil instead of grapeseed.

·          Yacon Syrup: This is a great substitution for molasses (and vice versa). I bought mine at Whole Foods. Here’s some info about Yacon:
Yacon is a perennial plant grown in the Andes for its crisp, sweet taste. This root, sometimes called "apple of the earth", is composed primarily of water and Fructooligosaccharide (FOS). These short chain sugars have a lower caloric value (as they are digested anaerobically) and high fiber content. FOS is a functional food that is also considered a prebiotic and extremely helpful to the digestive tract. In fact, it is often added to other foods such as yogurt to increase nutritional content.



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Recipe: Chocolate coconut peanut butter ballsChocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Balls

This terrific treat comes from www.FreeCoconutRecipes.com 

The Recipe.

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter of your choice
1/4 cup crunchy peanut butter of your choice
1/4 cup honey or brown rice syrup
1 cup oat flour
1/3 cup coconut flour 
3/4 cup chocolate chips (I used dark chocolate 73-78%)
1 teaspoon coconut oil

Mix peanut butters, honey or brown rice syrup, oat flour and coconut flour until it forms a dough-like consistency. (add more peanut butter or flour to get the right consistency)

Roll into balls – size of your choice and put on waxed paper lined cookie sheet.

Melt the chocolate chips with coconut oil – if you want to have the Peanut Butter Balls completely covered with chocolate, double the chocolate and coconut oil. To not completely cover the balls, use a table spoon and drizzle chocolate on each ball until you get the amount of coverage you’d like. To completely cover them, throw the balls in the chocolate and remove with spoon- cool on waxed paper. Refrigerate if your house is hot but let warm up a bit before eating.

Chelle’s notes…

About Peanut Butter... I use brands that contain only nuts (and sometimes salt, though I often salt my own with sea-salt). Trader Joe’s brand is a terrific (and cheap!) one that works well in all recipes calling for peanut butter. They offer both creamy & crunchy. You don’t have to use that brand, but as with any product, look for few ingredients without any that you can’t pronounce.



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gluten free blueberry muffinsBlueberry Muffins - Gluten Free

This terrific treat comes from  http://www.elanaspantry.com/blueberry-muffins/

The Recipe.  

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins
½ cup coconut flour, sifted
½ teaspoon celtic sea salt
½ teaspoon baking soda
6 eggs
1/3 cup agave nectar
1/3 cup grapeseed oil
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen

In a small bowl, combine coconut flour, salt and baking soda

In a large bowl, combine eggs, agave, grapeseed oil and vanilla and blend well with a hand mixer

Mix dry ingredients into wet, blending with a hand mixer

Gently fold in blueberries

Place batter in paper lined muffin tins

Bake at 350° for 20-25 minutes

Cool and serve
Makes 12 muffins


Chelle’s notes…

Celtic Sea Salt:  I don’t purchase Celtic Sea Salt because it’s very expensive. Instead I buy the best available for the lowest price. Any fine-ground sea-salt will do.

·       Grapeseed Oil:  I am currently replacing my cooking oils with coconut oil for the health benefits it offers. The muffins I made all used coconut oil instead of grapeseed.  Though on this recipe, the muffins were a bit "greasy", so I may play with cutting back the amount of coconut oil.



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Easy Egg Muffins - Clean Eating Breakfast

Egg Muffins

This recipe is super easy to put together, and can be made ahead for weekly breakfasts. I bake them up on Sunday. My best friend, and the world's greatest personal trainer, Tab, taught me how to make these... you can easily vary the ingredients to suit your tastes.

The Recipe.   (makes 36)

Egg Beaters - 32 oz carton (or use whole eggs)
1.25 lb ground turkey (one package), browned & seasoned (I use Mrs Dash, Garlic & Herb or Fiesta Lime)  in 1 Tblsp of Coconut oil.
1 sweet potato, baked (I microwave for 3 min), skin removed and diced.
2 small peppers, diced.
1 green onion, chopped
1 cup chopped mushrooms (I use crimini)
1/4 cup baby spinach (chiffanade)
1 cup cooked quinoa
1/4 cup 2% cheddar cheese, shredded (optional).

Preheat oven to 350°
Grease (I use coconut oil) muffin tins. (Or use muffin liners).
Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  And fill muffin tins 3/4 full.  Sprinkle with cheddar if desired.
Bake for 10-15 minutes, until knife comes out clean. Allow to cool. Muffins will "deflate" as they cool.
Place muffins in baggies and toss in fridge. To reheat, microwave for 30 seconds (1 min. for 4 muffins).

Serving Size: 2-4 (each muffin contains less than 1 egg and about 100 calories).

Substitutions... Tab's original recipe used Eggs & Canadian Bacon. You can add or remove veggies, or meats or seasonings as you like. You can add more Egg Beaters if you prefer a more egg-y muffin.

Here's the nutritional data, as closely as I can figure it. This is per muffin.
Nutritional information for Egg Muffins, Chelle Stafford


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Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

This recipe comes from Sunflower27 at The Eat Clean Diet/Kitchen Table. The cookies came out a bit dry, next time I will slightly increase the coconut oil, or maybe add applesauce, but they've got a great flavor!

The Recipe


1- Cup Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
1-tsp Baking Powder
1-Cup Uncooked rolled Oats
1-Cup Shredded Coconut Unsweetened
1/2-Cup Agave Nectar
1/2-Cup Coconut Oil Unrefined (virgin), and melted
1 tsp Ginger

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.

1. Mix dry ingredients by hand: Whole Wheat flour, Baking Powder, Rolled Oats, and Shredded Coconut in a large bowl.
2. In a separate and smaller bowl combine the melted coconut oil, agave nectar and ginger.
3. Combine all ingredients and mix well.
4. Drop by spoon-fulls onto greased pan.
5. Sprinkle a little shredded coconut on the top if desired.
6. Cook 10-12 minutes or until golden brown on the edges.
7. Let cool for 5 minutes, then serve and enjoy!!

YIELD: 12-18- Depending on the size
COOKING TIME: 10-12 minutes


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Banana Ice Cream Ice Cream made from Bananas - And ONLY Bananas!

This recipe came to me from the wonderful women at the Tosca Reno Forum and has only one ingredient! I didn't believe it until I tried it! And it's AWESOME! Bill was right beside me, watching as I prepared this wonder, and he was stunned! It is truly wonderful! We added sliced fresh banana on top with melted coconut oil peanut butter fudge... so yummy! You can also use it as a pie filler... just make your crust out of crushed nuts & a little honey or agave, and fill with the "ice cream". 

The Recipe

Ingredients: Frozen Bananas

Directions: Ice Cream made from Bananas - And ONLY Bananas!

Take several ripe bananas and peel them. Break them into 1-2 inch sections and put in a gallon size Ziploc freezer bag, toss in freezer and allow to freeze solid (I keep a bag in there all the time so I have it whenever I want it). When you're ready to make your ice cream, pull out the bag and put the desired amount (figure 1 small/med banana for each person) in a food processor. Hold on tight, as it shakes a bit when you first turn it on (LOL!). Give it about 3 or 4 minutes and you'll discover you have a wonderful ice cream!

Suggested Toppings/Additives:

Pumpkin Pie Spice
Maple Syrup
Melted Coconut Oil Fudge
Melted Coconut Oil Peanut Butter Fudge
Sliced bananas, or any other fruit
Bailey's Irish Cream


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Mushroom Ragu / Pasta Sauce Mushroom Ragu - Mushroom Tomato Pasta Sauce, Clean Eating

This recipe came from the May/June issue of Clean Eating Magazine (pg. 33). When I made the recipe it was a bit dry... not tomato-y enough for our tastes, so I added a big can of crushed tomatoes and let it simmer for about 45 minutes, and Voila! Amazing sauce! It's awesome, put it on pasta, on a baked potato or sweet potato, or over rice, bulgur, whatever! Yum!

The Recipe (with my edits) view original recipe here

2 tbsp olive oil
1 medium red onion, diced (I used a finely chopped shallot)
2 cloves peeled garlic, pressed or minced
2 6-oz portobello mushroom caps, cleaned, trimmed and diced
1/2 tsp thyme (I used fresh lemon thyme)
1 15-oz can chopped tomatoes
Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper, to taste.
1 26-oz can crushed tomatoes (I used the low-sodium with basil)

Heat olive oil in a large pan and sauté onions until lightly browned, 3-4 min. Stirring often.
Add garlic, sauté for 1 min, then stir in mushrooms and thyme. Continue to cook over high heat until the mushrooms have softened and given off their juices.
Add tomatoes and cook until the mixture is thick, about 10 minutes.

I further added a package of Jennie-O 99% fat free ground turkey (browned) to boost protein.

*NOTE. I simmered on low for 45 minutes.


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Potato Salad - Family Recipe Potato Salad

This recipe is a family tradition and a mainstay of my childhood. With a minor tweak, the recipe is now clean. Potatoes have gotten a bad rap, but when enjoyed in moderation, they do have a place in the clean eater's life. They're full of B6, Vitamin C, Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium and more! (nutritional info below).

Our Family Recipe

5 pound bag of Russet Potatoes
1 red onion
12 eggs
4 Tbsp Mustard
1/4 cup Mayonnaise*
1-2 Tbsp Garlic powder** to taste
Sea Salt to taste

■  Boil potatoes. You can peel  & quarter them before boiling, or just quarter them and peel off the skins after boiling. Drain and allow to cool.
■  Hard-boil eggs. Cool and peel. Set aside.
■  Chop/Dice potatoes into a large bowl (no skins).
■  Chop & dice onion, add to bowl.
■  Dice 6 eggs and add to bowl.
■  Add mayo* and mustard, mix well.
■  Sprinkle in Garlic powder, sea salt and a dash of paprika. Mix well.
■  Slice remaining 6 eggs in half and place on top of the salad. Sprinkle with paprika. Serve immediately, or chill first.

NOTE... this is a dry potato salad, not a creamy one. There's no need to increase the mayo. Once you mix it all together, the starch of the potatoes and the yolks of the eggs add a "creamy" feel to it.

*The original recipe calls for mayonnaise. Back in the day, Mayonnaise's ingredient label went something like this: eggs, oil, vinegar, sugar, salt.  Today, that label is full of unpronounceable items. Not exactly clean eating. You can either make your own mayo with clean ingredients, or make a careful selection at the store being mindful of preservatives & additives.

**The original recipe calls for Garlic Salt. I've replaced this with garlic powder and sea salt. You can replace garlic powder with Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb, if you like. I use sea-salt because it's lower in sodium than table salt.

Based on a roughly 100g serving size (about half a cup), here is the nutritional information (not including the eggs halved on top of the salad):


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Cucumber Dip - Family Recipe

This recipe is a family tradition and a mainstay of my childhood. With a minor tweak or two, the recipe is now clean.  We've always served this with Ruffles Potato Chips. In recent years, I have chosen to not eat potato chips and used sliced raw turnips, carrots, celery, and cauliflower instead of chips. Ruffles now offers a "Natural" chip that is as clean as a chip gets :-)

Our Family RecipeRuffles natural potato chips with sea-salt

4 large cucumbers
3 8oz packages of reduced fat cream cheese, at room temperature
1-2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (low sodium)
1-2 Tbsp Garlic Powder
1/4 to 1/2 tsp sea salt
1-2 Tbsp Lemon Juice

■  Peel cucumbers. Cut them in half lengthwise, then half widthwise. Using a spoon, scoop out and discard seeds. Grate cucumbers. Place in a colander/sieve and allow to drain for about 10 minutes.
■  Place the cream cheese in a large bowl and mash with a fork. Add cucumber and mix well.
■  Add Worcestershire, garlic powder, sea salt and lemon juice and mix well.
■  Season to taste.
■  Chill for about an hour. Serve with chopped raw veggies (and Ruffles Natural Sea Salted chips if desired).

Nutritional info is based off 1 ounce... I consider  a serving to be about 2 tablespoons or 2 ounces, give or take. So for a 2 Tbsp serving, double the numbers you see below.


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Kiwi Mojito Recipe - CleanKiwi Mojito - Chelle's Recipe

This is a terrific summer drink - light & refreshing, and if you make it with mineral water (instead of club soda), it's totally clean. Most mojito recipes call for either equal amounts of rum & club soda, or mostly rum with a splash of club soda. This is much lighter.

My Recipe

Ingredients (Per Drink)
1 kiwi, peeled and sliced
4 mint leaves
1/2 lime, juiced
1 tsp - 1 tbsp agave nectar
Silver Rum
Mineral Water (or club soda)

■  Muddle (or bruise - you don't have to mash it, just use a wooden spoon and hit the leaves in the bottom of the glass until the scent becomes strong, it just takes a moment)
■  Add sliced kiwi, and give a few slices a quick whack with your wooden spoon.
■  Add juice of 1/2 a lime
■  Add agave. Stir it up a bit.
■  Add Ice so glass is 3/4 full
■  Add rum (so that the rum level hits at about 1/3 of the glass height)
■  Add Mineral Water (or club soda) to the top.
■  Stir and enjoy. The kiwi flavor will float up as the drink "rests", so the flavor will get stronger as you sip.

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