M.Y.L.F. Workshop - Scottsdale AZ. Scandalesque burlesque troupe and Pussycat Pole Dance AZ.

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Burlesque Fitness / Dance Class:   It's DONE!!! Woooohoooo!!! View pics & video!

The Show - Thursday, August 20th!

Read about my own journey with Burlesque

What is Burlesque?  Contrary to popular opinion, performing burlesque is not just about stripping (though striptease is often a component).  Burlesque is a humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody and sometimes grotesque exaggeration. In 20th century America, the form became associated with a variety show in which striptease is the chief attraction. Burlesque dancing is hard work, and not nearly as easy as professional dancers make it look. Strong core and lengthened muscle tone are required to perform many of the moves.

The workshop I took included a lot of conditioning... abs, glutes, gams, arms... it was serious work. The choreography was clever and well designed, and the striptease was entirely individual... the gals could take off as little or as much as they were comfortable with. For myself, that meant gloves and robe. I was fully "clothed", showing less skin than I do in a bathing suit. Some of the other girls went farther.

The professionals, Scandalesque, performed their own routines which were funny, seductive, shocking, and awe-inspiring. While at one point in my life, I may have had a low opinion of exotic dancers and/or pole-dancers, this show alone would have changed my mind. The women and men of Scandalesque are truly fit and fabulous. They work very hard for their bodies and their skills are incredible. I watched Nyla, one of the aerialists, perform amazing feats on a pole. I watched  Pyra Sutra work her wonders with flaming hoops, torches and even pasties! Dolly Diamonds did a beautiful striptease that showcased the true beauty of the female body. Diablo showed stunning grace and strength on the aerial ribbons.  And "Kelly with a Big Ol' K" was funny, welcoming, and enviably comfortable in her own skin.  They each earned my respect. They also won my gratitude because they were wonderfully warm and encouraging to us "Mylf's" who were terrified to take our turn on the stage.

With a show style slightly reminiscent of Cirque, the entire event was exciting, new and fun. I applaud the Scandalesque troupe and am grateful for the brief shining moment to be part of their world.

The Class:

M.Y.L.F. Workshop
"Don't miss your opportunity to reclaim your pre-baby body, attitude, and flare! We will also be training you for our M.Y.L.F. Show, and your chance to perform with Scandalesque at the Cherry Lounge and Pit in Tempe, August 20th, 2009. 


The workshop required a LOT of practice, both in and out of class. To help me "get in the mood", I created a playlist for my ipod. Having music like this really helped me loosen up.  I still use the playlist for my at-home yoga sessions.

My Burlesque Mood Music

Click on list to view in iTunes (The song we performed was Feelin' Love, by Paula Cole)


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