Stonehenge & Thornbury Castle

Thornbury Castle

In 1535, King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn, stayed here. Princess Mary, later Queen Mary I, also lived here for several years. Courtiers have flirted with ladies-in-waiting in the ancient yew-hedged gardens. Serving girls have chattered in the stone-flagged courtyard. Today, Thornbury Castle still resonates with history.

Edward Stafford, the third Duke of Buckingham received a royal license to build this 'fortified manor' or castle-palace in 1510. Work started the following year but stopped in 1521 when the Duke was executed on trumped-up grounds of treason. Today, much still remains of the original 16th century building. Everywhere there is fascinating historical detail to enjoy - coats of arms, intricate oriel windows, arrow loops and ornate carved ceilings.

The Duke's watchword was 'dorene savant' meaning 'henceforth' or 'from now on'. In his words, then, Thornbury Castle is yours to enjoy 'from now on' - the wealth of the past combined with the luxury and comfort of one of England's finest hotels.

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