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Trinity College, Wren Library

A brief History of Magdalene College:

As a result of patronage by the family of Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, the name of the institution was changed from Monks' Hostel to Buckingham College (the change is known to have occurred between 1472 and 1483). It was not long before students who were not monks were admitted. Such lay students would have paid rent to the host abbey whose rooms they occupied. The College suffered an early misfortune when the Duke of Buckingham was executed for treason in 1483.

A Highlight of Trinity College:  The Library!

Trinity possesses about 1250 medieval manuscripts including the great 12th century Eadwine Psalter from Christ Church Canterbury and the 13th century Anglo-Norman Trinity Apocalypse. The library also holds a small collection of eastern manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Sanskrit and Hebrew.

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